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  1. The IRS will get you!!!;)It's interesting to see how open you are about pretty much everything in your life Daniel, from your father to your finances. Thanks for the insight into the mind of a poker-star.You know, your site is a lot like a reality-tv show... only it's not on tv ;)I think I'm addicted
  2. Hmmm, I wonder what your hourly earn is for tournaments, would be an interesting comparison.
  3. Limit hold em and NL hold have some very big differences between them... mainly that in NL your stack is in jeapordy during every hand. Because of this bluffs, and talented bluffers, become more powerful in NL. In limit a bluff still has power, but nowhere near what it has in NL. There are many players who are great NL players but terrible limit players. There is also a big difference between Cash NL games and tournament NL games, once again it boils down to the fact that bluffing has much more power in a tournament than in a cash game. Hellmuth is a great NL tournament player, but there is no
  4. Ah yeah, it's a flush with 9 outs that is 35% not straight, my mistake. I'm a little embarassed that I got the straight and flush percentages mixed up, ah well
  5. This was your biggest mistake, and for several reasons. You are on a straight draw, you want as many callers as possible! Bet a reasonable amount that you think most of the people in the pot will call. If you hit your straight you are likely to have the best hand, and with a hand as strong as top straight you want as many people in as possible, because it is unlikely anyone will have you beat and if you can build the pot properly you will be able to extract bets from a larger field.In this case you lost, but most of the time a making your straight here means you win the pot. with a straight d
  6. and then you'll wake up and realize is was all a dream. DN would take you down no prob.Perhaps you missed the denoting tongue-in-cheek. Irregardless, plz go stab yourself in the eye with an icepick.
  7. I think it was an ugly ugly call. I'll assume he had some kind of read on antonio, but I still think it was awful. It sounds like if Antonio wins that pot he becomes a threat... yeck. I'd have to know stack sizes to be sure, but it sounds terrible to me. I'd love to hear Daniel's opinion on this call.
  8. Best all around player: Phil IveyBest tournament player: Our man Daniel. I'm still waiting for him to make the final table of a WSOP main event though. Hopefully it'll be at the next one, and he'll finish second to me
  9. Depends if it's limit or NL. in limit I play it fast. In NL the way I play this depends completely on my read on the player and his style. Flopping a set against an agressive player usually means slowplaying will get you paid. On the other hand, if you're up against a tighty, you aren't going to get paid regardless so bet the pot to force him to pay for his draw (if he has one).
  10. Ahh, for some reason I assumed this was a small stakes 1/2 limit game... probably because that is the games we see most questions from. This would be a terrible fold in a 1/2 game. So in a 10/20 game where I didn't think my opponents were retarded monkies... I'm not sure what I would have done here, I would have had to be in the game with reads, but I suspect I would have called the flop craziness and watched how things went on the turn. It is a standard line in the 10/20 to bet crazy on the flop , in order to buy free cards on the turn and river and also to make weak tight players fold.edit:
  11. It was worse than bad. It was terrible. There is one queen left in the deck, you don't fold flopped trips in a low stakes limit game on a rainbow flop. Not ever.
  12. yup, the fpp tournies are great. You can do more with pstars points than any other site's points I know of.
  13. pstars is a great site to learn poker on. It has the microest micro limits, and the cheapest tournies. I played their freeroll tournies every day for a while when I was learnign tournies, then i played their $1 and $3 tournies. Not for the payout, but for the experience. They don't charge any juice on the $1 and $3 tournies either, which is pretty cool of them. Anyway, you should know a $3 tournies isnt going to pay huge, that's not what $3 tournies are for.
  14. I think not raising KK pre-flop in a low-stakes limit game is a clear mistake.
  15. Obviously the OP has watched Bill Fillmaff's video and knows that everyone must know the only way they can beat him is through random fluctuations of luck! I bet he has the same problem as Bill when he plays the 2 man sit n goes: Finished second, finished second, finished second, disqualified for urinating on the table, finished second.
  16. I once saw spirit rock sitting at that game with 250, 000. I believe the max buy in was 25, 000. He is amazing to watch. He sets people up so sneakily, and takes a lot of medium risks so that he can get big pay offs down the road.
  17. that's pretty depressing. The guy that threw the coupon deserved a punch in the mouth, he's lucky the losing player didnt take his anger out on him.
  18. Terrible terrible fold on an uncoordinated board. If you wanted honest feedback you shouldn't have told the results up front. But there is no way I take it this far and dont go to showdown.
  19. I finished 77th playing as BlankCheck. Took a lot of tough beats over the tourney, including losing all in with aa vs ak. Soon after that I was down to 300 chips, but fought my way back up to 50, 000. Then my luck started to turn again and I took a nose dive. End up losing a key pot when I pushed against a consistent blind stealer, only to be called with my 22 vs KT. Dropped me down to 8kish chips from 22kish and soon I was dealt the dreaded KK and lost all in vs some garbage hand i dont even remember. Ah well, that's poker. Was a decent tourney overall. I made a few mistakes that I shouldnt
  20. You will never make money at limit holdem if you eternally fear a set. You are giving him too much credit. It is possible that he has qq or aa here, but considering you hold 1 ace and 1 queen it is less likely than it would usually be. It is far more likely that he holds AK and is trying to push people out of the pot so they don't outdraw him. Maybe you lost this one, but even if you did that is no excuse for playing this hand scared. You should have raised the turn for sure. If he three bet then I might have slowed down, but probably I would have capped it.
  21. playing any ace king queen or jack with a weak kicker is almost always a bad idea. You will often find yourself outkicked and this is a costly mistake.I ocassionally play Ax agressively when it is folded to me in the sb of a tourney.I'd much rather play 23o than a2o.
  22. My standard line heads up vs a lag is to check/call top pair on the flop and check raise the turn.
  23. HMmmmmmmmm. Well, given your read I don't see how you can fold to a lag here. From your preflop raise he probably has you on AK and with this flop he is willing to bluff at it. Also he prob had the BB on a flush or straight draw. Basically this would be a good spot to bluff if you did indeed have 2 missed overcards. It is also possible that he has TT JJ. Or he could have akspades or kqspades AKs actually being a favourite to win here. If it were just the two of you heads up I'd probably smooth call and then decide on the turn how I wanted to procede depending on whethere another spade or stra
  24. generally speaking live low stakes NL games are weaker than online. That goes for low stakes limit games as well. I would expect a profit following smash's guide to pushing with the nuts, but it would be pretty boring.
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