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  1. There are a lot of players who will only ever push all in preflop with aa and kk. You don't have to be a great reader to know this and recognize it.
  2. I've folded KK a handful of times in online tournies. When you see one person open for a big raise, and then you see another push all in, and then a third person pushes all in... that is a time when you can feel pretty confident someone has either kk or aa, unless you're playing with a bunch of jokers.
  3. I thought it was very obvious my comment about the IRS was a joke, lighten up.
  4. This is possibly the easiest push I have ever seen.A) if you get sucked out on you will still be the chip leaderB) Their range of hands is very likely to be dominated
  5. I'll never understand the typical internet mentality that requires people to toss insults at every opportunity. I mean, I'm no fan of Dutch, especially after the whole theft from a poker site thing, but cut the poor slob a break. How would you all have ended up I wonder if you'd been abused by your father from an early age and had to deal with a Bi-Polar disorder.
  6. Jeniffer is a regular in the 4/8. She plays more than almost anyone else. She is one of a handful of players in the world capable of holding their own in that game. People see tourney players on tv and think because they are on tv they must be the best in the world, but the truly great players are the one's who can survive the big game. There is no female player (and very very few male players) on this planet who compares to Harman, period. Most of the players you see on tv would be destroyed by the big game.
  7. It's called variance. If you play poker long enough you will have nights where you hit every draw and never miss a flop. And you will have other days where you run AQ in AK every time, KK into AA, your nut flush gets beat by a full house on the river etc etc. Days like those are pretty rare, but they will happen to anyone if you play poker long enough.
  8. Maybe he doesn't want to put up 5 mill in a match where he knows the pros don't have that much of an edge. Beal is one of the best limit players in the world. I'm sure Daniel would have an edge over Beal, but no one has a big edge over Beal, in the end variance could easily win this thing for either side, rather than skill.
  9. ditto that.Also without knowing the stacks and how much you already had in the pot, it would be hard to give any useful comments on what happened on the flop. If you had a substantial amount of your stack in already, then you'd prob want to call. If you had less than 10% of your stack committed you might want to fold. Depends a lot on your read of the players also. I don't know how big your preflop raise was, but I do know that in NL deep-stacked games it is common to enter a pot like this with suited connectors if 2 people have called in front of you and the raise wasn't too outrageous... s
  10. The main differences (for me at least) is prob best described by this thought process:Cash game: Hmm If I call here I'm 55% to win. Easy call every single time.SNG: Hmmm if I call here I'm 55% to win the pot, but if i lose I'm out of the SNG... easy fold. (course this is a different story if you have lots of chips and arent worried about losing the pot)
  11. Try the two table sit n goes on stars. If you are patient you should be able to regularly last till the final table of the 2. And the payout is better.
  12. If it was the real hellmuth Daniel would prob have changed his title to professional poker player like he has done for other pros.
  13. That can't really be her, it would disprove years of research that hot gurlies do not exist on the internet.
  14. If you call here and miss your outs, you know all your chips are going in anway. And if you hit your heart out, you may still be beat... There is no way I can see justifying a call here, considering how much faith you probably have in your reads. Basically the only cards that make you feel safe on the river are your 2 queen outs and 3 non-heart tens... actually you said a small flush was possible... so yeah, no river cards make you feel safe. yeck.The dreaded QQ hand has ended a lot of tournies for me. Worse than JJ imo, since it is harder to get away from at times.
  15. Despite what people claim, I think it is almost impossible for a bad player to win this thing. Can a less than world-class player win it? Absolutely. In an event like this the skilled players are fighting against bad luck more than looking for good luck imo. A careful pro like Hellmuth for instance, will be careful not to commit all his chips unless he is a big favourite, because he knows he is going to be faced with these situations so many times over the tourney and only has to lose one to cripple himself. But a tourney like this it will be easy for him to be in a situation where he is 80% f
  16. I always make sure to wear my tinfoil hat when I use pokertracker, so I know they aren't reading my brain-waves.
  17. It's kind of like your first car accident; you won't believe it can happen to you, until it does.
  18. Is it because he worked velcro-fly pants into a flame? I must admit I found it rather impressive.
  19. Seven Virtues 1. Faith is belief in the right things (including the virtues!). 2. Hope is taking a positive future view, that good will prevail. 3. Charity is concern for, and active helping of, others. 4. Fortitude is never giving up. 5. Justice is being fair and equitable with others. 6. Prudence is care of and moderation with money. 7. Temperance is moderation of needed things and abstinence from things which are not needed.Ok, if you want to live your life as a boyscout, don't play poker, cuz its not charitable to do so. Either that or donate 50% of your winnings to the hom
  20. yeah, i realized he might have only had 1 out just after i enetered my message. now if only i had realized the rest of my stupidity before someone had quoted me I could have erased the whole thing :PI'd have gotten away with it too if it weren't for you darned kids and that dog!
  21. you're right, I'm an idiot. I should stop posting on this forumn when I've been awake for 24+ hours... Heh I do most of my posting here during bouts of insomnia.
  22. 13 outs actually, 9 diamonds yes, but 1 of those is Kd and one is Ad, leaving 2 other aces and 2 other kings. 13 outs = roughly 52% to catch. However he also has 2 outs to improve to a set (actually he may only have one out here now that I think about it, depending on his he is holding a Td or not), so that puts it at pretty much exactly a coinflip. So you gotta ask yourself, do you feel lucky? Well, do yah, punk?on the other hand he already has money invested so he is getting odds to call here. Boils down to what kind of tourney player you are... are you a tight Phil Hellmuth(Why gamble all m
  23. "Because you can't look into someone's soul without proper UV protection" -- Bill Fillmaffhttp://www.planetstacked.com/fillmaff/
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