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  1. Don't let the haters get you down DN, you probably took his stack and he is vv bitter about it. You come off as a considerate caring guy to me, maybe a little too nice and too sympathetic for your own good. This site is great and I love that you let us hear your inner thoughts. Btw I was surprised how happy I was when I heard you and Lori are getting back together; your blog has become like my favourite soap opera or something and I find myself hoping that you and Lori live happily ever after.
  2. Technically, Barry Greenstein is the one who started the fight. First with his constant backhanded references to DN as a second rate (tier) player. But the biggest insult was when he accused DN of cheating. Calling a poker player a cheat is about the biggest insult you can dish out to them, probably as bad or worse than insulting their mother. DN quickly proved that it wasn't true and made BG look like a fool. If I were DN and Greenstein accused me of cheating when I obviously hadn't, I'd hate the guy for life. I just hope DN is able to let go of all the silly insults and animosity when he pla
  3. After watching the heads up NBC coverage I think anyone who challenges Daniel to a heads up match is a fool. Don't they realize he is psychic and will call out for straight flushes whenever he decides it is time to win? Oh sure, he might throw a few matches so people don't realize he is psychic, but I think he made a big mistake revealing his psychic powers on nbc for the world to see. It will be much harder to keep it a secret now. Daniel is obviously an alien from the planet Pokurlar XII, planning to win all the world's currency through psychic power, then hire a huge army and rule us all as
  4. I thought about raising the turn and folding to a 3 bet, but I don't like it. He will fold here if he is behind and call or reraise if he is ahead. Why make a worse hand fold? Instead I call the turn, and call the river. If he checks the river I bet. There really isn't much he can be drawing to here, except an inside straight. I think it is most likely that I am ahead, by reraising the turn he folds a weaker hand, but just calling I pay the same amount when I'm behind, and when I'm ahead I get one more bet out of him.
  5. It is better than calling because there is a good chance everyone will fold to your push and you will pick up a nice pot. A good case could be made for pushing here with any two cards, even 72o. Better places to steal than this are pretty rare.
  6. Hey Daniel, I thought this was a great quiz. I hope you will do some more quizzes on blind-stealing as this is the part of my tournament game that I'd like to improve the most. I'd love to see some more subtle examples of blinds stealing. BTW I hope you have a good section on blind stealing in your book.
  7. From cardplayer's coverage of the WPT Championship:"Johnny Bax was pleased to find himself seated at a table without any top professionals, until Johnny Chan took a seat a dozen or so hands in. Bax looked down a few hands later to find pocket kings, and made a standard raise of $400. Johnny Chan raised him to $1,500, and Bax called. The flop came 9-5-3 rainbow, Bax checked, Chan bet $2,000, and Bax called. The turn card was a 2, and again Bax checked. Johnny Chan put $13,000 in the pot, and then tried to pull $8,000 back, saying he misread the colors through his sunglasses. Bax wanted the bet
  8. I voted for move all in. Calling with a weak ace is rarely a good idea. If you flop an ace then what? Let's say you bet out when you flop an ace, then get reraised... what do you do then? I think a fold is better than a call here, and moving all in to steal the blinds is the best option.
  9. I don't know if you just made this quote up or merely have taken it completely out of context. But following this quote always and literally would mean you could NEVER bluff, and I assure you Doyle knows how to bluff. Following this quote in a tournament would mean you could never steal blinds, and if you can't steal blinds then you just arent a good tournament player.IMO this is a clear raise or fold situation, calling is by far the worst option.
  10. John is one of my fav players. He is humble and a nice guy as well as being one of the poker greats. At least he can admit he isn't ready for the big game. It seems every huge loss I see about the big game has Gus Hansen on the losing end. I have a feeling Gus is a pretty big loser at the big game... but this is just a guess, he could be a huge winner for all I know. The fact I see him playing the 100/200 limit on pokerstars a lot makes me think his roll is suffering lately though.So which is better? I have no idea honestly, both are great tournament players. Imma treat this poll as a populari
  11. It really depends a lot on my table image, and how passive I believe the other players to be. I voted push here though, because I think it is unlikely anyone has a huge PP, and I think it would take jj-aa or ak to call a push from me here. Your read suggests the UTG player has a weak hand so I don't have to worry about him have one of those hands, and anyone coming in behind with one of those premium hands would be very unlikely to limp... unless they're terrible or I am sitting at an agressive table and they expect a steal. It largely depends on my read of the table, but by default this looks
  12. You have to look at it from the owner's point of view. A player came to him convinced you were cheating, and he certainly had reason to be suspicious. Now, even if he believes you're innocent (which he probably doesn't) he has to come down hard on you. He has to satisfy the player that complained you were cheating, and if he doesnt that player could spread gossip around that cheaters get away with it at his club, and that could ruin him. He would much much much rather have a story floating around that he is too strict and paranoid about cheating, then a story floating around that he just shrug
  13. http://torrentspy.com/search.asp?mode=torr...tails&id=108463You can thank me with nudie pics. j/k... or AM i?
  14. Chip counts from some well knowns at end of day one from Cardplayer:1. Scotty Nguyen - 233,7502. Eric Weaver - 231,4503. Robert Alexander - 180,7254. Greg Raymer - 153,6255. Josh Arieh - 139,0756. Ron Rose - 131,3257. Dwayne Moyers - 130,6258. Andy Bloch - 116,3259. Barry Greenstein - 113,72510. Michael Mizrachi - 99,65011. Chris Ferguson - 77,07512. Huck Seed - 65,87513. Ross Boatman - 49,52514. Harry Demetriou - 37,87515. Kenna James - 24,92516. Surinder Sunar - 33,675Way to go Josh
  15. JFarell = Mormon?Me and my friends bet on silly crap all the time. Of course, our bets are just a few bucks compared to Daniel's thousand dollar bets. But so what, if we were all multi-millionaires then the bets we make now would be like betting pennies and would be pointless, so we'd probably bet thousands as well. Not long ago in journalism class my friend and I bet on the chances of the prof being unable to get his slideshow to work for the second day in a row. Actually it wasn't a bet of if he would fail to get it working, but how long it would take him to find someone to help him get it u
  16. cardplayer has some chip counts. The leaders from 1 hour ago were:1. Scotty Nguyen - $145,0002. Joe Awada - $116,0003. Greg Raymer - $102,0004. Josh Arieh - $96,0005. Phil Ivey - $90,000Apparently fossilman is up to around 200k now.Phil Ivey, DN, Eric Lindgren, and John Juanda were my picks to make the final table. JJ is out already to a bad beat. Phil seems to be doing well though, despite being at probably the toughest table.
  17. My picks:DNPhil IveyEric LindgrenJohn Juanda
  18. Can someone post a link to a site that has updates for the championship?Thanks
  19. I've played a lot of limit and no limit, and I find limit to be a more complex game. I think it is undeniable that limit is certainly more a game of math than NL (both are games of math, but a lot more "pure-math" calculations go into limit). I have a feeling though that a math wiz type would probably find limit to be an easier game than NL, because NL requires things other than math in order to be successful, whereas I am pretty sure if you went 100% by the numbers and only by the numbers, a math wiz would be a winning player in most low-mid stakes limit games.
  20. I fold to small river bets very rarely. BUT if it is a v tight v passive player who only bets when he has top pair or better, and i have second pair, i will fold to a small river bet... and I think Daniel would too. Now, I'm simplifying it a bit, because even strict math players will categorize someone who is obviously v tight and v passive who would never make even a small bet on the river, and they too would probably fold second pair here. But Daniel is a player who is very strong in math, but also very much plays the player as well as playing the cards. This is the difference he is getting
  21. You know, I get a laugh at all the people who think Raymer is a terrible luck-sack just because he pushed all in so often on the WSOP. He wielded his big stack to perfection and I bet Daniel himself would have pushed in most of the spots we saw Raymer push. Yes he won a ton of coin-flips, but I am sure he lost some that weren't aired as well... and even if he was as lucky as he seemed, so what. Putting people to decisions for their whole stack is something you have to do to win tournies. When some random short-stack pushed all in and doubled up they prob didn't bother showing it half the time.
  22. I can't really vote on this one since I don't really know much about Chau. I think Lederer is great to watch though, and I rarely ever see him make a mistake.
  23. Well from watching them both play cash games on FTP I have to say Lindgren. Course maybe Chris doesn't really try at such low stakes, but I get the feeling he is a tournament specialist and not very knowledgable about cash games, whereas Eric does great in cash games and tournies and is a well rounded player.On the other hand Chris can throw cards a lot better than Eric, plus he has a cool hat... so maybe that evens it up.
  24. I'm curious about this one too. I remember he said once that John Juanda was a tough one to deal with in tournies, but he didn't say the toughest. Good question.
  25. I think it's Phil Hellmuth. his results in the PAST have been good, but he has been in a huge slump for the last couple years. Despite the fact that his performance has been barely above average for the last couple years a huge number of his fans still foam at the mouth and declare him the king of poker. He is good, sure, but he is nowhere near the best. Not even top 10.
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