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  1. Daniel,What is your defenition of "Poker Talent"?Have you ever watched "I Bet You"?ThanksBrian
  2. Hi Daniel, Another question about your early days at fundtime.In limit calling the river is much more correct then in no limit because of the odds. When you were playing at fundtime did you fold the river more then most other pro's because of your superior hand reading skills or did you stick strictly to trying to make a positive EV call vs his range?What other things did you feel contributed to your amazing win rate? Soft Games? Table image? Collecting fish from other charity casino's? Your personality making people give you more information or calling light against you and checking down the
  3. Both are coolers, although a raise utg with 99 that deep stacked is slightly questionable, but since it was a rebuy your play was fine.
  4. When did you first start playing No Limit? Foxwood? Did you ever play in Niagra? Or did you not play no limit in a casino until you moved to vegas? Did you ever grind NLHE? Or did you immidietly enter the tournament circuit after your pot limt holdem WSOP braclet?Do you ever play limit anymore?
  5. I read that you wrote down absolutly everything about your sessions including your emotions ect. Did you ever go so far as to calculate your standard deviation? and if so did you know what it was? Also during your "party day" where you got out all of your tilt and raised everyhand you played for example did you include this session in your statistics?Thankyou so much for answering my questions!
  6. Did you ever go completly broke with that tiny bankroll? The games were extremely soft then but a downswing would surely of made you competly broke? If so how did you reload? Loan from your parents? You must of had almost no living expenses at that time?Also I read on some of your articles that at that time your winrate was $45/hour at 10/20. Is that true? Playing your 40 hours a week your bankroll most of grew at an amazing rate. Also did you ever play 5/10 or 20/40 at fundtime?Thanks!
  7. Hey Daniel, Somebody told me that when you were playing at fundtime your mom used to bring you your lunch everyday is that true? Also how big of bankroll were you using for those 10/20 games?
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