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  1. Was the mistake just the general all-in? You could have called the 7300, checked the flop no matter what came, and if you hit something huge, let him bet into you. If you miss, fold it and walk away still having 20k?
  2. Maybe putting AQ up against two players wasn't smart because there was a good chance one of them raised with AA, KK, AK or QQ?
  3. You seem like one of the nicest people in the poker world, which makes this hatred towards Annie seem very strange to me. Do you have any other bad relationships with people you've met in tournaments or cash games?
  4. Biggest piece of advice to a college kid with his eye on moving to Vegas and playing poker full-time?How did you get so good at reading people? Was it experience, through tons and tons of hands, or did you read books, like Caro's Book of Tells, or through something else?What type of player is your favorite to play against?
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