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  1. So sad to hear. Sorry for asking! But Barcelona is for sure great to go to. I prefere to go to Egypt...lived there also quite some time. And DUBAAI!! Wish you all the best and luck in the world Daniel.Thanks for all your reply!!!!!
  2. HAHAHA I DOOO!!!But thanks anyway, your sweeett!
  3. Thank you so much for your reply. I really appreciate it!And YESSS FOR SURE AMSTERDAM COUNTS;) Your kidding me?Yes right;)But believe me, when you ever visit Holland ever again, don't just go to Amsterdam, visit Utrecht too;) it's lovely and not so noisy as in Amsterdam!!!!!
  4. What's your favourite country to go to for a vacation and who and what you take with you?I ask this cause you travel alot for the pokergames and you've been to I think almost all country's!
  5. Your in for a another vegetarian party??????!!!!:club:
  6. I love to play poker so much! If you could give me advise to come as far as you are right now with poker, what would you say?
  7. How you want your future to look like? And how long you will keep playing poker? You have ever been in Holland before?I've so many questions for you.I am happy I can ask you on this way.I always follow you on twitter and I always watch pokergames when you play.I really think I know how you play, so it would be my wish to play with you once.Maybe on pokerstars.You use there your own name?But for sure that will be different cause then I cant see your face:D and I can read your face;)Your the best!Lots of love,Camie
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