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  1. Yea, I was like WTF when I saw his post right after the QJ interview. FWIW, I thought you both had come to some resolution with regards to the entire situation and then it was like he decided to just completely ruin it by making that post.I wondered if you saw it, I was like OMG I hope Daniel didn't see this but sure enough you did. I really don't know what else to say except it was about the dumbest possible thing he could have done. I partly blame myself for not PMing him in hopes of getting it taken down. *sighs.
  2. I don't think either one of you acted optimally. I hope it gets worked out, just think, you now have some street cred on 2+2!
  3. And for you to think you can spam their site is foolish and arrogant too. Seriously, you have 600 posts on 2+2, you're far from a regular poster and while you're well respected you really don't bring that much to the table. No one is going to stop going to 2+2 because you're not posting there, you're presence is virtually meaningless. (with regards to traffic on the site)I don't say that to disrespect you but it's simply the reality. You used 2+2 to get out your Vblog, which was fine, no one had a problem with it but to think it's ok to post that friggin infomercial (Afterall that's all your l
  4. O'rly, "shaken down", LOL. How about steppin up to the plate and paying a few bucks to advertise instead of spamming for freebies and then getting all bent out of shape because you got called out on it.
  5. You posted your Vblog in two different threads, you've never posted a link to your vblog prior to this one that just happens to be a 6 minute infomercial about your new pet project. (among other subjects)I personally think this could have been handled differently but that being said you may want to step back take a deep breath and reconsider your statements in this thread. You've posted in 2+2 for 10 years, you got a one day ban for what may or may not have been justified. Big deal, get over it and straighten it out. I'm pretty sure you're a better man than to act like a butt hurt NVGtard over
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