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  1. Well I' mhere at Lxor till tomorrow. Very interesting poker here. Felig confident so far.If I had more live experience I would declare it a "dead $$$$ zone" takin a nap for an hour. Then back to the tables. Room 25064 Later Plus my cell phone is posted in previous posts earing he Superbowl weekend.

  2. www.creationevidence.orgFor you "atheists" out there, I find that most of this breed that I meet our only still this way out of disinterest for finding the truth or basic "god" complexes. Lee Strobel's book is an excellent suggestion . The book will allow you continue to have disbelief if you choose, but don't make the mistake that so many have of arguing these matters with noth more than piss and vinegar, or whatever your Dad taught you. "Evidence that Demands a Verdict" by Josh McDowell, is another solid book that goes far deeper in both science and philosophy to explore the possibility of Christ.Have fun.

  3. The first player has been eliminated in the biggest poker tournament in Australian history - young Shane Moran had 77, Mick the Hoon had AA and US pro Toto had J8 - the flop was dealt 7-9-T (rainbow) - a flopped set for Shane and a flopped straight for Toto. An Ace on the turn gave Mick top set. This created a 3-way all-in.A blank on the river couldn't help Shane or Mick and Toto tripled up. Mick is still in, albeit short-stacked. Toto has a large stack now, and Shane Moran is the unlucky first player eliminatedThis is my other recurring nightmare....4th hand

  4. I'm actually coming in on the Friday AM now. Friday is actually my B-day and my brother said he wanted to come and get there early, then he cancelled after I booked, so I am going to be wandering the streets of Vegas on my own util you guys get there. Anyone want to come early and rent a condo on the strip for Fri.? I can get in at about $85 a head, for a MINT place.Feel free to call me-647-401-0848

  5. Hey all,Sorry to start a new thread but I figure this has more to do with the weekend then the tourney.Just wondering if anyone knows from past experience what this might cost in the end. (gambling aside) My lovely wife is a little concerned. I have won a couple of entries into land-based tournies (I know this isn't one) that ended up being very poorly organized and a few costs were overlooked when planning the trip for us. So any input as to what to expect from this would be awesome.I am a very good dancer,Sincerely

  6. Bird I know I sound like Phil but that was ENTIRELY disgusting. Congrats on making to Vegas, look forward to seeing you there, but man o man it is going to be really hard for me to find out what 1st place gets. Those were easily the 3 most unlikely outcomes from the whole tourney for me I think.Anyways....Willowdale will be in the house.Can't believe I'm Russia................

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