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  1. This whole winning thing didn't work out so well.
  2. Well last time I ended with a win, this time I think I'll start with a win.
  3. Shark527 and I will be taking a stab at this. I'll send the money to Bob later on tonight.
  4. If you can promise that you'll play all 15 tournaments I think we can work together.
  5. I'm interested but I would need a partner.
  6. I just saw the movie last night so I thought I'd add my two cents. I thought the movie was great. One of the better and more thought-provoking movies I'd seen in awhile. I thought the music was very well done and helped set the anticipatory mood of the movie especially during the inception. I also thought it was neat that throughout alot of the movie you could hear the ticking of a clock. I noticed it off and on so can't see at exactly what parts it was happening at. The visuals were awesome. However I did find some of the dialogue slightly clunkly and cliche at certain points but that was a m
  7. I was also thinking about changing the last line. But my idea was I would be playing HORSE online and say "I'm playing HORSE".
  8. Surpisingly it came together quite quickly once the idea came to me. I just had to watch the original to get the feel right.
  9. I had a great idea for a video submission for Pokerstars.Net The Big Game. However I haven't played any of the freerolls and I don't know when I'll get a chance to. So I decided to share my idea here and if anyone gets through one of the freerolls and needs an idea, they can borrow mine.(You in a towel, in the bathroom, speaking to the camera)Hello Pokerstars.Net The Big Game executivesLook at you other video submissionsNow back to meNow back to the other video submissionsNow back to meSadly they aren't meBut if they stopped meekly folding pocket fives to 3-bets and started 4-betting, they co
  10. I just want to say thanks to both bbgun and cdipierr for all their work. It was greatly appreciated. And of course Bob!
  11. Congratulations on the incredible accomplishment!
  12. Sweet! I'm doing pretty bad right now. I'm 3/10 total but can't seem to put a streak together. I was sure that Durr and Terrence Chan were going to take their events down which would have gotten me to three but sadly no dice.
  13. cdipierr do you mind adding me? I sent you my picks. It's alot easier than keep figuring it out myself daily.
  14. Might as well add me. I'm trying to get all my ROI for all levels above 0. Working on the $1.50s right now.Collotto (Saskatoon)
  15. Well I'm going with Brent Hanks for Event #6 $5000 NL Holdem Shootout. I'm hoping since he's an online player he'll have more experience with the 6-man final table. Although Channing and Levi wouldn't have been bad picks.And I'm going with Ralph Zimmerman in Event #7 $2500 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball. He got 6th in the NL 2-7 last year so he obviously knows the game. David Chiu is the obvious choice but everyone is picking him and sometimes you have to take the dark horse pick. Leonard Martin also got 2nd in this same event in 2007 but since he's lower on chips I'm going with Zimmerman.Hopeful
  16. Same. It's going to be hard to make up some of my deficits though. Once a player scores big in the $50K Championship it's going to be hard for the other player to make it up.
  17. I have a streak going. A streak of one. Picked Michael Mizrachi to win the Player's Championship.
  18. No. You only have to pick the winner once it gets down to the final table or final day as is what is happening for the Omaha Hi/Lo event.
  19. I thought I would pass this along to everyone. Bluff Magazine is running a promotion where you try and pick seven WSOP winners in a row once the tournament reaches the final table or day of play . The first person to accomplish this goal will receive a WSOP Main Event seat. It's also up to you whether you decide to make a pick for a specific final table. If you're not sure, you can skip that tournament and it doesn't affect your current streak. You do have to sign up on the Bluff site though. Could be alot of fun. Here is the link:Bluff Magazine - Streak To Seven
  20. And that is how you go out with a bang! #1! Now its all up to my Team Discovery Channel partner. Go get them ddf_dolphin!
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