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  1. Its OK...I personally dont like it. There is the option to "fast fold" which instantly puts you onto a new table with a new hand. I find too many people "fast folding" until they have a premium hand. And since it takes all of five seconds to fast fold and get another hand it does not take long to catch what you want. To anyone who is curious, give it a try see what you think. Its only micro-limits...right?
  2. Yes, turning an American soldier over to Afghanistan, or any nation, should never happen.
  3. I agree Pot Odds, he should be held accountable, tried, and locked up at leavenworth. I was just saying where is the rest of the story, not that he was innocent.
  4. I do not like commenting on political issues....butWhat happened was wrong yes, but I want to know the rest of the story. The media tends to bring out the worst points, nothing about what may have led to this. Did the soldier have any medical conditions/psychological issues in his history? What happened hour by hour with him during the 24 hours before the incident?He should be punished, yes. Im not defending this soldier but if afghans occupied our country (not that they ever could or would) the same thing would happen to us. Frankly, throughout history during occupations of nations, not only
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