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  1. This is a good book http://www.amazon.ca/Poker-Blueprint-Tri-Nguyen/dp/0982402236/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1363571556&sr=8-1
  2. He didn't come close to being in.
  3. On this one I don't understand the BB? Pre-flop he might think I'm steeling so thats OK, I only call the 5 bet thinking if there is a K on the flop there is a slim chance that I can fold it. On the flop I'm thinking that this is most likely a chop. http://www.boomplaye...1010_1B0F3ED47B
  4. Thankfully not, but it was fun and the only time I can remember being in that flop situation.
  5. http://www.boomplayer.com/en/poker-hands/Boom/2385299_0D93851BEE
  6. This is just the kind of thing that sucks in tourney donks like me.
  7. Gold and silver both off about 10% from their 30 day highs to $1601 and $29.30 The slide could continue through the end of the month,
  8. Guys like EL in the poker world and more so for those cashing in on "poker celebrity" are only as good as their word and their name. There are known to lend each other a lot informally, if he welches there is nothing to re-possess but they will not be in line for any endorsement deals ever again unless they make good on what they owe and not getting out of it through some legal maneuver. It seems like EL possibly could be a profitable mid-lever grinder on the tables but unless he has a few big scores in tournaments the lime light is gone.
  9. No cell phones or MP3s on the felt is a common rule, not always followed.
  10. Did not play regularly in 2012 and when I did find the time it turned into recreational poker so I'm down overall, hope to have more free time this year and actually make good decisions.
  11. Hello aucu, Congratulations, you're a winner in the PCA Team PokerStars Last Longer Promotion! Your selection, Eugene Katchalov, is the last man standing of the 15 Team Pro players included in the promotion. He's still going strong with 59 players left in the PCA Main Event. You can follow the events unfolding in the Bahamas on the PokerStars Blog. Your prize money has now been credited to your account. To verify the amount, please visit the 'History' section of the cashier. Your prize will show as an admin credit. Thanks you for participating in this promotion, and good luck a
  12. I fully expect gold to go down when interest rates go up, but the FED has now said it will keep interest rates down until unemployment drops say in 2 years? Imagine if interest rates were back to a historic norm of 4-5% interest payments on the $16.4 Trillion would explode which has to be a factor in keeping them down as long as they can. The fiscal cliff really looked like a bit like a canard, taxes have to go up and spending down, they have to sort it out and all they got was a modest tax increase and nothing on the expenditure side.
  13. Can't feel any more sorry for him than the thousands of others destroyed by gambling, and it does make me sick because I see a lot of people throw their lives away like this over the years, Just because he was a "golden boy" and fell from great heights doesn't change things much, It still seems galling that he still has the arrogance to think that he can still bet sports and possibly screw Voulgaris out of the money he owes him by paying him last. If he hasn't been humbled by now there may be no hope for him. Still I wish him the best at getting out of the hole.
  14. I'm still happy where the price of gold is, why was this week particularly bad, POG is only down $8? From it's 2012 peak of $1781 gold is down only 8% 2013 could be interesting, Even if gold goes down to $1000 I'm good but I can't see gold going below than say $1400 but the market can be irrational. If gold does go down significantly I might consider holding on to some.
  15. aucu

    Chrozzo Sighting

    Guilty, taking a few days off in Mazatlan.
  16. PS has six VIP levels but the lobby shows 7 stars, what is the star above Supernova Elite?
  17. It's probably best to wait before jumping in as I expect that the fish will be later in coming back to FTP and there will be more solid/good players there short term.
  18. RIP Sam http://www.thestar.com/news/obituary/article/1261272--sam-the-record-man-founder-sam-sniderman-dies-at-92
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