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  1. 3-6 has the biggest difference bettween the BB and SB and like it had been poined out this rewards tighter pre-flop play.5-10 is the highest limit without a BB twice the SB and has similar pre-flop play.But both are more agressive post flop than 2-4
  2. You should do all right, Just a few points that I learned the hard way. Don't worry about moving up too fast 2-4 and 3-6 is just fine.Get into a rakeback program ASAP at your level and the amout of hands you play it could give you back up to $500/mo free. I play with a well over a 400bb bankroll.If you are a cash player, avoid blowing off $s and time on tournaments.
  3. Do any of you play those re-buy sats on PS.There are a lot of players who re-buy $10 6+ times when the top prise is a $215 buy-in.I play these slow try not to re-buy and almost always add on.
  4. Check out Poker Stars, they are sponsoring the EPT as well as offering sats to all the events last season.
  5. I thought it would, but I guess it doesn't mater as I'm going to order the book anyway.It's sure to be the must read book of the year.
  6. I've watched him play on Stars a few times, he makes some very good moves, will be very interesting to see his hole cards if this gets on TV.
  7. Royal,Since you have the book, one of my favorite parts of a tournament is the short hand play late just before tables break up when there are only 10-12 or 19-21 players left.Does Harington say much about these situations?
  8. I'll give you guy some dead money. I'm playing as aucu
  9. Very sadI gave up playing poker in the late 90's when I couldn't stomach breaking people anymore. I returned to the game about 3 years ago and havn't had a moral problem again even though I've come across a could problem gamblers.Maybe I'm just colder now.
  10. Sry about crackin your AA nuts, but it was a minimal re-raise for your all in and I had to take the shot.
  11. Skalansky is the guy for limit,Middle Limit Holdem by Ciafone is a very good bookHarington on Holdem is good for NL tourament play.
  12. The denin shirts are nice, I use them as work shirts. Havn't ordered anything for a while and have 20,000 fpps built up, may get the leather jacket.
  13. As an update I did go to the River Rock for a few hours the other day and enjoyed it just fine. All the cards looked new with no wear, The games had plenty of action. I sat in at a 10-20 table for about 4 hours.Twice during that time someone in the room made a big public stink about some problem, one guy was PO'ed that the bar maid took away his wine after last call and I don't know what the other one was about. I'll be back to the River Rock soon.
  14. Not long ago stud was the only game in town on the East coast, how fast things have changed.
  15. Seven Card Stud For Advanced Players is an excelent book. It has to be read a couple of times first and then again after some table time but you could say that about all of the 2+2 books.If you like seven card high you will find yourself playing High Low befor long, far more action.
  16. Has anyone seen this? A couple posters here have mentioned they play at the River Rock and I want to know they think. I'm going to be in Vancouver in a couple of weeks and was thinking of playing there but this makes me think twice.From RGP: Quote:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Subject: marked deck in casino poker room, Richmond BC Canada Sent: Jan 4 2005 12:42 AM Author: mark budworth (mbudworth@shaw.ca) Post Options: Hide View: Normal | Header Options: Print | Email BEWARE OF CHEATING IN CANADA'S LARGEST POKER ROOM! Below is a email I sent to
  17. You have nothing to worry about, sure it’s a cycle, there will be a peak in poker then things will slow down but poker is addictive and there will always be some action.I see as being similar to the cigar craze. For years cigars were for old men with bad breath but then a few years ago everyone seemed to be smoking cigars, there were cigar clubs, cigar parties and celebrities smoking cigars. The similarities between the image change of poker and cigars are too obvious to miss.Then the cigar fad died down but not before a good number of smokers got hooked. Poker will be the same.
  18. The $5 SNG’s feel like a waste of time, a lot of the play is just plain silly and the stakes are just too small.In the $10 one table games I find that there are normally 3 or 4 players that will eliminated in the first 20min or so often through there own foolishness. When there are only 6 players I start taking the game more serious as half of us will make the money and the real play starts. In the higher buy in SNG’s I find that you don’t get the same number of early round kamikazes and you have to earn your way into contention more often.It basically gets down to a choice if you want to go f
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