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  1. Could someone please give me some solid advice as to what a solid bankroll for HU SNG's?i.e. 20 buy-ins, 30 buy-ins, etc?What about 6-max Hold 'em SNG's?Thanks.
  2. I really, really, really, really despise Virtual Exchange. You'd think my money belongs to them or something. I guess they'll finally send it to me when they feel like it, because it's been over 10 days.The thing I hate the most is that they tried to pass the buck and say FIREPAY takes that long. No, it's not Firepay...it's this unnecessary third party. If I cash out at Full Tilt before I go to bed, the money's in my account when I wake up. How hard is that really?I wish there was a site that isn't a rock garden that has the sort of customer service Full Tilt has. I was hoping it would b
  3. I think it's a stretch to assume he automatically has the flush because he bet into you.Regardless, even if he did have the flush, you've got to push. You're getting nearly 2 to 1 on your money, and you would have just a little more than half the chips you started with if you fold. If you push, you likely have the best hand. If not, you still have a great drawing hand at a chance to win a big pot and give yourself a chance to win the tournament.No offense, but I think you have a lot of work to do on your game...or at least of your understanding of the game.
  4. I posted earlier about FirePay withdrawals, and after reading the 200,000 horror stories on here about FirePay, I was wondering if there is any way to cancel my cash out, so that I can open up a Neteller Account and withdraw Neteller.Also, if I do this, what would be the problems since I did not deposit through Neteller.This is somewhat insane that there have been this many problems and that no one has alleviated the situation yet.
  5. Why does it take 8 to 10 days for FCP to process FirePay cashouts, when sites like Full Tilt can process them in a matter of hours?It just doesn't make sense to me. Full Tilt is a rock garden, but I'll play there if it's the only way I can have nearly-instant access to my funds.
  6. You're a tool...It's not for looks...it's to help reduce the boredom that accompanies proper play. Why would that be any less important when you play lower stakes?
  7. It seems to me that the new effort to attract "charter members" is a clever way of quantifying exactly how much support this site has. I think it's an effort to generate a list so Daniel can put a number on exactly how many people are frequenting his site on a one-month span.Why would he do this, you ask?One guess would be that if he was interested in beginning an online poker site at FCP, this would be one way of reaching out to potential investors. By showing the probable thousands of people who will sign up to be "charter members" of FCP, Daniel will be able to show investors exactly how
  8. Yes you do.Apparently, both the OP and his girlfriend should take lessons from Allie.In three words, she proved she knew more about poker than both of them.That said, I'll be glad to congratulate the poster on his girlfriend's luck...just as I would congratulate someone who won a 400 dollar scratch off ticket.
  9. Agreed. Great game selection (just like anywhere online), but terrible interface.I had problems with lag and with disconnections. I've never had a problem with any other sites in regards to lag or dc.On a different note, I'm not sure why you are looking for a 9-handed game as opposed to 10-handed. The play isn't any different.Edit: I had a phone call so I had to cut it short. But 10-handed is essentially the same as 9-handed. Most of the time, at least 1 person is sitting out on sites like Party Poker, so it's essentially 9-handed or less. My point is that I wouldn't let the desire to p
  10. Crucify him!On second thought...since they all ganged up on me, I'd taze Jen expecting her to attract the sympathy of the rest.Then I'd toss 5 parachutes off the plane, and laugh my ass off as those murderous bastards plummet to the ground.
  11. If FCP had a "douche of the day" award, the OP would win hands down.By the way...I hate people who always talk about how bad their balls itch. I mean, seriously...who cares how bad your balls itch and why would anyone want to listen to you talk about it.The worst part is that your balls don't even itch half as bad as mine. Last night, my balls itched so bad, I used a pinecone to scratch them...so don't talk to me about balls itching, because mine REALLY itch.
  12. Unless he's shown a pattern of being LAG PF, you put him on QQ-AA when he caps it.Obviously, you have KK so that lessens that chance. When he check-raises the flop, I rule out QQ. Most 5/10 players check-raise the flop when their hand is somewhat vulnerable, not when they flop a monster.I'd put any reasonable opponent on aces, and would play the hand just like you did.Normally, I'd say 3-bet pre-flop, but I think you have enough information to just call him down fearing you are behind aces.
  13. Serious question, Steve...I was heads-up in the Tri Cities Invitational against this really agressive young gun from Burlington about a month back, and we were neck and neck the entire match.But out of nowhere, my fingers started getting really pruny and I was having a seriously hard time weaving the handle. I just couldn't get a solid grip on the weave. To make a long story short, my pattern came out very shabby, and he took home the Gold Basket.What do you do, Steve...when it's down to the wire and your fingers get really pruny? It's starting to be a huge problem for me, and is beginning
  14. Because I realized it was just another one of those "I went on a rush" posts that no one really cares about.I mean, why would anyone other than me really care about that?
  15. No it isn't.Do you have a point, or are you just trying to be clever?If you have a point, I'd like to hear it.No you wouldn't.Yes...I would.If you're implying you've got something negative to say about me, you obviously haven't read the thread and Patrick's comments.And if that's the case, you're simply wrong. I did nothing to be ashamed of, or to warrant any negative comments.
  16. No it isn't.Do you have a point, or are you just trying to be clever?If you have a point, I'd like to hear it.
  17. I'd have to say it's due to Patrick's willingness to see things from another perspective after some explanation.If he'd not admitted that I was justified in my actions, this would've just been one of those never-ending feuds. I give him credit for that.Plus, he knows he'd be getting far the worst of it in that freezeout...
  18. There's no need for you to stop posting here, unless you simply don't want to post anymore.There's also no need to kick yourself about this. I'm glad you rectified the situation, and we were able to clear things up. That's all that I really care about.It's over, as far as I'm concerned.
  19. You could.Or you could read my response and PatricNZ's eventual admission that he was wrong, and come to the logical conclusion that I am justified.That would probably take too much energy on your part, I guess.
  20. Those are the only 2 points I was trying to make. If I owed you the money, I would've paid you as soon as I had it.I don't think you're a bad person and have no intention of defaming your character on a forum (even if that's exactly what you did to me). I just think you're still immature and refused to look at things from my perspective before going off on me.I'm sorry that I didn't contact you AS SOON as I got the money. As you know, my girlfriend lives 3 hours away, which would account for my absence. When I got back, you had already sent me the rude messages, and I blocked you.I'm compl
  21. Perfect!This is the message I sent you after I had given you 100 bucks.You sent me 35 that time, and 65 the next time. Sounds like that equals 100!We're even, right!I gave you 100 then you gave me 100? What am I missing?Thanks for clearing this up, Patrick!!!
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