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  1. My old lady got me that breakfast poster for Valentine's Day. It's framed, hanging in my kitchen right now.
  2. Hahaha jiggers. I get it. Tilt where in sc were you?
  3. That napa_don has some amazing hair
  4. So we just rescued a cat. Can't wait to get my new license plates.
  5. Good point! I'll be dead within a week.
  6. Who knows. I've been told I should be safe but I'm pretty sure we're all screwed in the long run. Company is just not looking good at all right now. Finally time to move to a real city maybe?
  7. Well in our case it's less about short term profits and more about the company losing 1.2 billion dollars in the 2nd two quarters of last year.
  8. So are all companies in the toilet right now? We're scheduled for our second round of layoffs tomorrow. A third next week. Tons of other companies in my area are having heavy losses (not all necessarily related to this area, just the company in general) or closing up shop altogether.
  9. brv, if theres anything I know, it's that you're racist, sexist, homophobic, and generally all around hateful. wait, is that everybody else? either way, black folks, right? or something. chicken tenders.
  10. but suited though, you should watch some more baseball.
  11. napa shut the fuck up. you're not ugly. and even if you were... even if you were ****ing steve buscemi and margaret thatcher's love child... you still have shit going on. so shut up you faggot bastard. you can do better than 90% of the loser ass douchebags out there. get a god damn profile. say hello. it's hard. but it ain't as hard as posing on a poker forum on a friday night, alone, drinking yourself to sleep with robot chicken reruns. jesus.
  12. nevermind napa netflix just told me about it thanks for nothing assfuck
  13. bill burr has a new special?!?! and I'm enjoying one right now. this thing is pretty damn good. and thera, that's pretty much what I read on reddit I believe: best cost to deliciousness ratio. they only had 1 six pack though. if I find a 12 I'll get it. they had red hook long hammers in 12 packs for like 13 bucks a while back. only got one and now I regret it. you know what I wish? I wish yuengling would come out with an ipa. a cheap and easy drinking ipa, oh my, how that would make me smile. and fat. er.
  14. I'm actually probably compensated exactly for how smart I am. sad truth and what not.
  15. they did not have debit cards in the mid 80's edit: yes I googled this after I posted it and yes I saw that debit cards were invented in 1966 and started to gain traction in the 80's but I don't care. tilt is a lying faggot. it was 1996 and that's the truth.
  16. I have 15 not including flip flops. I thought napa was bad at 19 at first but I mean I've probably got like 3 or 4 other pairs I'd like to have, so maybe it's not all that crazy. of course I'm pretty much a woman when it comes to shoes so maybe napa is a faggot after all. edit: shit, 16. forgot about my hiking boots in another room. yeah I could get to 25 pretty easily if I had my druthers.
  17. hey I prefer the legal anus of my sexual partners BOOM haha
  18. I'm short, I wear cargo shorts, and I have sex twice a day on average. stick that in your pipe and shove it up your ass.
  19. I'm 99% sure it's illegal for the hr person to disclose that you're an applicant. privacy laws and what not. think my girlfriend's got this cold/flu thing that you fags seem to have. was up coughing and sneezing all night, sore throat, the whole lot. strangely though I don't have any symptoms at all. really weird considering immune system is about as powerful as a paraplegic chihuahua.
  20. my girlfriend knows I post here! abort abort!
  21. I've gotten a hangover from a single beer before. my liver is apparently made of lace and rainbows.
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