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  1. haha, dammit. Nah, we'll probably just have hot dogs and beers at the game, I don't think they have that.
  2. Okay, got 6 tickets for the first home Reds playoff game, which obviously leaves 4 available. As it stands right now it would be here on Friday, Oct 8th, We'll know more in the week to come. They were $65 a piece and are on the right field line 4 rows from the field so they should be great seats. I'll give ya'll some time to decide and try to work out a road trip. Any questions on lodging or who gets to snuggle with me can done by PM's.
  3. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/healthne...n-thoughts.htmlBrain scans 'could be used to snoop on thoughts'The use of brain scanners must be regulated in order to prevent them being used to invade privacy and threaten civil liberties, a legal expert has warned.By Rebecca Smith, Medical EditorPublished: 7:25AM BST 07 Jun 2010Researchers have concerns that brain scans - already used in some death row trials in the US - could be used by British police to determine whether a suspect is lying, or has planned a crime they have yet to commit.Dr Burkhard Schafer, of the University of Edinburgh, will
  4. Pretty awesome you get the vacation time before the job starts, because then, well, you know, life and well, you'll get old and end up putting lots of commas in sentances.
  5. Sorry, I hacked Loogie's account and it didn't turn out funny.
  6. So awesome. This will never get old.
  7. So, is anyone going to defend the pope? Anyone? No one has a problem if we shackle him and send him off to prison?SB- I was so glad you did a quick search and came up with the BG quotes so I didn't have to. I am interested to see if he'll answer or avoid this because you bring very good points. The only thing is most Christians be it, Protestant, Catholic, Babtist or whatever doesn't really have a clue as to what or where the history of their religon is, let alone what the actual beliefs are.I mean we know arresting the pope isn't going to happen and the throngs of idiots will go on believi
  8. Uh no. that's got to be shittier than an amish funeral procession. I'm sure i've done more acid than than everyone here combined and thusly approve of this study and am not surprised of the positive results. Yes, yes it does!
  9. I am having a hard time with this book. I usually read before bed and sometimes before work if I have a little time, that's like 2 pages with this book. I often just find myself not messing with it. I probably need to carve out a few hours to do some damage to it. I'm around 110 pages and still don't have a friggin' clue what the hells going on. It's also very tedious writing and I often find myself re-reading lines and text to see if I missed something or if there was anything that might be remotely important about it. The footnotes suck as well. They often are obvious, explaining a me
  10. Hey, their side teed it up, he just swung.
  11. whoa, come again? I thought Christians lifes weren't relevent since they have to foresake this life and pray there is another one? An athiest is much more likely to appreciate the human experience for what it is. The moments and time here are alot more special since there is no promise of an afterlife. Well, unless they don't agree with your Christian view. Then you can spite and murder them. Religon divides and separates people just like borders and incites them to ignorant behaviour much like Westboro Babtist loonies.
  12. I posted in the pope thread but thought I would repost it here.I say arrest his ass and let him have some of the feeling in prison that the poor molested kids felt. Eye for an eye and all, ya know.I mean he puts his pants, er dress, on the same as the rest of us. If anyone else had covered up child abuse they would go to jail, let alone the fact he practically overseen a network of pedophiles for decades. (or so accused). It's time for everyone to quit getting passes by using the religon card must the same as the activists at the military funeral. Common sense isn't that hard.
  13. I say arrest his ass and let him have some of the feeling in prison that the poor molested kids felt. Eye for an eye and all, ya know.
  14. My son the lawyer bought an 07 BMW 328xi off me this morning and traded in his hunk of junk Jetta. He just turned 29 and this is the first nice newer car he's really had. It's a prety awesome feeling after all those years of tuition and expenses to have him come in with excellent credit, making tons of money and being able to finally do this on his own. I waz a pretty proud papa, much like I'll be when all you guys grow up. Wait, what?
  15. I tend to think athiest make it a habit of being more realistic about things.An example would be people wanting to lose weight or get healthy. A christian is more likely to pray about it, an athiest is more likely to diet and exercise.Christians are more likely to write things off as fate and fall back to ingrained religious dogma when dealing with issues. "It must have been God's will" "He has a plan for us, so it wasn't meant to be" They also tend to de-value life since the answers and comfort to everything is in death, versus an appreciation of life. Athiests most often will talk abou
  16. Hola! I disagree. Most women like porn but are less likely to admit it. Well , more are likely to admit it now than 20 years ago anyway. Gay porn is just gross no matter who's watching. Thanks for making me chuckle during ketchup because, you know, the rest of the college talk stuff was really boring.
  17. Probably, it doesn't really fit does it. OH well, more important things going on in the world like this..http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100408/ap_on_...erg_beer_strikeWorkers striking because they took their beer away! For real!
  18. hahah awesomethis is why I just joined the facebook site calledYou just can't fix stupidWell, that and I know Steve will love it.
  19. I was just angling the whole time to try to get him to disclose it somehow, even if he did it to settle an arguement or something. I was just curious and am glad he won the moolah though.I have much more important news though. I was at the computer at 7AM this morning for the release of the Rush tour dates for their upcoming short tour this summer. First glance, no Cinti. bummer..2nd glance, Columbus, okay close, cool!browsing some more... Chicago? Boston? Toronto? Pittsburgh?Hmm, no way Pittsburgh again.so I investigate Chi-town a little today. The arena is on an island type thing off
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