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  1. this argument is pretty stupid.....everyone knows cash games are the real sign of the best players.....and the only young players who play high limit poker are Dags, Schulman and Cassidy.jeff madsen does good inthe world series and doesnt play cash games and all of a sudden he's the best young player? thats pretty ridiculous...im not even really sure who shannon shore is...but i guess he's done ok in some non tv tournaments.... Watch dags tear up full tilt every night in 1000-2000 and 200-400 pot limit omaha and the fact he's been on tv more than any of these guys...and it doesnt seem clos
  2. i watched that...most of the money went in preflop, then ivey flopped a set then dags turned the 1 outer...ivey got lucky first, dags had best hand when 75% of money went in.
  3. Wow, its truly scary this thread has gone on this long.....Dags was joking about the hand, i saw this post and asked him about it. He has folded kings preflop once before and was correct when he did it. In this situation it would be ridiculous to fold kings and he just said it as a joke. It was a fairly obvious ak he was against and if it was aces, so be it. But the way it played and the position of the players, foldings kings would be bad. Funny this thread got this much thought though about something he said as a joke.
  4. he plays nowhere near perfect and he's been getting killed lately. he's just hyperaggressive. and i've watched dagostino beat him like 5 times in a row when theyve played headsup. they have huge swings due to both their styles, but dags wins every time. i have seen dustin do well a few times with the game 3/4/5 handed, but everytime him and dags have played heads up dags wins. Did u guys see that 82k pot they played the other day. Board 2356 on turn, dags bet 5k, dustin raised 15k, and moved in on river. dags called with 222 and dustin had a8 off, no flush draw, no nothin.
  5. thats what i was getting at, both tourneys and cash games. fischman is a good tourney player, grinder good at nl tourneys, cassidy great at cash games, keller solid at both, but when you consider both Dags is definately the best overall. john phan, tuan, williams, gracz, all cash game suckers.and tim phan is def. too old and the hand he went broke in wsop wasnt a bad beat at all. All the money went in preflop 1010 vs aq. doesnt matter that the board developed in a tough way, it wasnt a bad beat. And yes i shouldnt have included williams, cause he really isnt good at any form of poker. My
  6. yeah ok i forgot about the grinder. But tim phan is definately not a young gun. And tuan le and john phan are two of the biggest cash game suckers in the world so i wouldnt consider them. tuan is one of teh biggest spots in high limit poker. Grinder is a good nl player, average cash game player. I still dont rate him higher than dagostino, cassidy, or keller overall.
  7. Interested in who you guys think is the top young gun in the poker world. I've narrowed the list to Joe Cassidy, John D'Agostino, Scott Fischman, Thomas Keller, and David Williams. I think a fair criteria to determine is tournaments as well as cash games. When it comes to tournaments, lets look at wsop bracelets. Fischman 2, Keller 1, the rest 0. Final tables of Major 10k tourneys. D'Agostino 4, Williams 2, Cassidy 1 the other two 0. When i hear about cash games, i hear cassidy is a phenominal limit holdem player as well as dags and keller. But i've heard cassidy only plays hol
  8. Having the buy in at 50k would be ideal. That way everyone can still try to win a seat like they are now. However, they won't be 5000 plus players and a top pro can still reasonably win it as can an amateur. More levels of satellites to get the seat would be necessary. Having approx. 600-1000 people would be fine. And again, everyone would still have a fair chance to earn their seat by winning satellites. However, there would be one more round of qualifying to do so. I think that is ideal. Also, they need the buyins to be higher. All these 1k and 1500 buy ins are ruining the wsop. T
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