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  1. I just deposited 50 bucks at pokerstars. How long does it take for that money to be available?
  2. I think that the fact that these guys made it through to the FT nullifies the fact that NL Holdem may not be the most skillful game there is. These guys are clearly some of the best players in the world and they made it through what i would consider the most difficult type of poker there is. The fact that they made it to the FT proves enough as is... if they want to play NL Holdem for the final table, im completely for it. Wouldn't you rather see this event televised on espn rather than never being televised and having the greatest tournament/FT ever just go to waste. I truly believe that the
  3. i hope its now so badly!!!!! come on video blog, lets go!!!!
  4. I havn't really read anything this year about new changes to the wsop so tyhis may be an obviuos question. I keep hearing that the wsop TOC is being held this coming week. May somebody enlighten me as to why the TOC is being held before any of the actual wsop events?
  5. i loooooved when duston diamond beat the **** out of some guy on that celebrity boxing a copuple years ago. The other guy was like sooooo small and had no idea it was gonna be like a real fight. Dustin just beat him to a bloody pulp.
  6. i think i may actually try to no id strategy. It sounds like even though your out if you get carded, it will get you into a lot less trouble..
  7. alrihgt thanks guys, i think i'll pass haha, ill just go to Canada next year B)
  8. Well i just purchased a fake id yesterday and this summer i think i am going to head out to foxwoods to attempt to play some poker. Has anyone here actually gotten a fake id to work at a casino, and anybody ever played at foxwoods and know what the security is like? This is not a drivers license obviously but it is a massachusetts identification with my picture and everything. If anybody has some experience on this topic, please share it with me as i am desperate to play poker. Kids in my town have gotten sick of the poker craze and i have nobody to play with currently!
  9. http://www.boston.com/news/education/k_12/...day_traditions/This is an enormous story around the boston area. If you don't want to read it i will tell you that they want to call a christams tree a "magical tree". They also had a school play and in it they were nto allowed to sing we wish you a merry christmas, but were forced to sing, "we wish you a swinging holiday". This is the craziest thing i have ever heard. There is too much PC in this country and it is really starting to get to me. So i completely agree with what you said Daniel.
  10. So i finally made my towns varsity hockey team. WE are a great great team and it has taken me all the way until junior year to finally make the team. We will definitely be making it to the state tournament this year and im really siked about this. Hockey is the best, and im all about hockey right now. On another note, how much hockey have you actually played Daniel. I mean, we all know your a hockey nut, but cna you back it up with some solid play? :lol:O.. and if we make it to the "Super 8" (8 best teams in the state) we will be playing at the new garden in boston which would be unreal!
  11. these deep stack tournys are a great idea but they take over 10 hours... no thanks!
  12. i noticed the thign about doug lee also. I am absolutely shocked that that guy made it late in another circuit event. He didn't strike me as a phenomenal player, jsut someone who got lucky and played to his best ptential.
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