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  1. Hrmm.. Just saw it recently, and I think it's a book in the drawer, as I remember him opening it up to take money out of it... I may be wrong tho.. Maybe the money was just underneath.
  2. It's pretty simple really. You can't let this kind of thing affect your game. HE sat down with the money. HE was playing like crap. If it wasn't against Neverwin it would have certainly been against someone else. A lot of the crap talk doesn't really fly with me, but at the end of the day A looser lost and a winner won. I can only hope that this will teach that poor sap a lesson and he'll get his life in order, rather than kill himself.On another note. Can people please stop begging Daniel to validate their posts with a reply? It's kind of pathetic, really. It's really cool that DN po
  3. Heh.. I think that would be a great idea...Being a Vegas local, I actually sent him a PM asking what he was specifically looking for in an assistant. If I feel I can help him out, I'll apply. The IT industry here in Vegas is crap, so a new career is looking pretty nice right now.
  4. In live games it's completely different than online... In live games I try to look for nervous twitches, shaking hands, looking away from the table, etc... rather than hand history or betting patterns to try and determine what kind of hand they have. Online (and admittedly, my experience is very limited here) all you have to go off of is hand history and betting patterns. I watched a co-worker of mine play a 27 man tournament online from start to finish tonight (we have a very boring job ) and just by seeing how some people play I was able to start making reads, but it was much harder and
  5. I love that site. It usually dictates whether or not I see a new movie in the theater or wait until it comes out on video.. or even at all!
  6. Light a man a fire and keep him warm for a few hours.Light a man ON fire and keep him warm the rest of his life.My favorite Jack Handyisms...Sometimes I think I'd be better off dead. No, wait, not me, you.If you drop your keys in magma. Just let them go. Because, man, they're gone.If they ever come up with a swashbuckling School, I think one of the courses should be Laughing, Then Jumping Off Something.
  7. The Luck Vs. Skill debate, I think, can be summed up like this: Luck determines what cards you get and whether you hit hands or not. Skill allows you to maximize your winnings while minimizing your losses with those cards. I've found this to be very true at limit games.
  8. Actually, poker has long been a game of scoundrels, cheats and killers. It's just starting to clean up now. Though I do agree with your sentiments about maturity regarding this board.
  9. Don't play online. Only live, and I clock about 10-20hrs a week depending on how well I do.
  10. Wow.. I thought this topic was about something completely different.. I blame my seedy youth.
  11. I think that the idea is that you would buy in with 10 times the bb or so... So that your bankroll will give you 30 sessions worth of play. Your milage may vary.
  12. Wynn was the brainiac behind the Bellagio, he was also Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mirage Resorts. Aside from the Belagio he was also a part of The Mirage, Treasure Island, Monte Carlo and the Golden Nuggets as well as a few other casinos in AC and elsewhere. As far as I know, he has sold out, or was bought out of all of his other ventures, and the Wynn Resort is his new flagship. This man does not do things small. I equate him to Trump... with the exception that ALL he does is Casinos. I'm really looking forward to his new place opening. I just hope
  13. It's funny how insulting someone's intelligence online is always accompanied by abismal grammar.You mean abysmal? :roll:
  14. Howdy all!I was just wondering how many Vegas locals would be interested in getting together on a weekly or monthly basis for some games, a tournament, or even just some discussion, at a local casino or resturaunt. If you are please respond with your suggestions for time and venue.53off.
  15. For a Poker Room, my vote would be the Excalibur. It seems to be the concensus that it's one of the best low limit rooms around. It's quite a big place and I don't think I've ever had to wait longer than 20 minutes for a table, even during the busiest times. If you're not into low limit they spread NL and some higher limit games as well. They are almost always running O8 and Stud as well. For a bar or resturaunt?? Not sure really, just about anything would do. As a local I avoid hanging out on the strip and go there only to play. I could reccomend a few off strip lounges if anyone is i
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