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  1. Lol at an all-powerful creator "disdaining"...Oh, I'm back
  2. He actually quit poker and is pursuing a medical degree.
  3. This thread makes me feel all tingly inside. Best of luck, sir.No one has said it? Ok, fine...M.O.B.
  4. ^ ^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^^ I don't say this much, but, Pwned. Yes, pwned. Thank you.
  5. Physically painful to watch. Quite frightening, really.
  6. First level of a 180 man..Seat 1: Clark soup (1470 in chips) Seat 2: *!7deuce*ucf (1510 in chips) Seat 3: nashf (2080 in chips) Seat 5: HKV0501 (1440 in chips) Seat 6: sdot83 (3070 in chips) Seat 7: esquilax1 (1930 in chips) Seat 8: ANJA_78 (1200 in chips) Seat 9: JRBISME (2200 in chips) nashf: posts small blind 10HKV0501: posts big blind 20*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to HKV0501 [8c 8s]sdot83: calls 20esquilax1: calls 20ANJA_78: folds JRBISME: calls 20Clark soup: folds *!7deuce*ucf: calls 20nashf: calls 10HKV0501: checks [?]*** FLOP *** [3d 7c 4c]nashf: checks HKV0501: bets 120sdot83: raises 120 t
  7. I feel you, man. I look forward to picking your brain.
  8. Greenville NC buddy.Represent Randall. I am also from Greenville and go to Rose. Trey Wilder and I are coming to your house one weekend to watch you play, cool?
  9. I'm goin to bed but I'll check this thread in the morning to see who I owe my 5$LL.
  10. The 5$?With Mcfarmer, moneyinabag, etc.?
  11. Right, but what if this gene is recessive?What if this mutation or genetic error is common?So you are admitting that, by possible errors in "dosing" of hormones, one can be born gay?
  12. Yes, but "philisophical truth" does not exist according to Dawkins (and you), by definition. It is not based on science.
  13. Okay, so what happens when the hormone dose is entirely wrong, like if it makes you attracted to only men?Duh.
  14. Homosexuality is not a choice, at least in many cases.Why the **** would someone choose to go against the strongest urge known to man, the urge to procreate with the opposite sex?I'm just going to CHOOSE to like men, because it's the cool thing to do. Yeah right.Does this make sense to you?
  15. Actually Crow I am interested to hear your response on this, if you would be so kind.The "truth" that "the only truth is science" is in fact not scientific, right?Put me on the right track if I'm not.
  16. You spelled atheism wrong.
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