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  1. What was funny was...right in the middle of things, things being some of the fastest big stakes poker I've witnessed, some jamoke decides to sit in, put like $23,000 on the table, just so he could ask Daniel who he thought the best player on the site is...The action was furious, hard enough just to watch and fathom at the same time, let alone have to make decisions for thousands of dollars at a time, and some maroon want's to chat.Daniel nicely told him he didn't have time...I would have used initials like STFU.
  2. I waqtched for a long time...Daniel got down to like two grand, next thing ya know he was up to 60...back and forth.Who is All the women?Anybody we know?
  3. If they get control of this, the control will come from the same place it usually does...the I.R.S.If they find you with any undeclared money like poker winnings, you have screwed the proverbial pooch if internet poker is illegal.You're screwed anyway if they find undeclared money.But, if it's illegal you won't be able to declare profits to protect yourself, and you are at double risk, not declaring it and doing it in the first place.
  4. Party is running an ad campaign on the tube...that's where the noobs are coming from.This thing has to settle down, there's so many tables open it's hard to find a 6 max that stays above 4, if that.
  5. I had no trouble with the Poker Tracker patch...I did it without zipping anything...did you let it put it where it wanted to?Maybe download it again, let it choose where to put it, and install...don't zip.
  6. My Poker Tracker seems to be working after the patch...I think it has had trouble finding some blinds situations...nothing major.It's the Poker Ace I can't make work. I see there is a patch, but, I also see comments where folks are having trouble with it, too.
  7. I'm still struggling to make Poker Ace HUD work.Anybody have some nice, clean, step by steps for the chronically computer illiterate?
  8. I found it...how do you change it?I have an add and remove...add takes me to the tree listings...Help?Please?
  9. I think it blows ...I'm ready to cash and find a new home...especially if I can't get Poker Ace to even work when I'm sitting at a table...Is it just me, or is the moderation at this site random?There are like six online threads in General, and they move this one?I don' t get it.
  10. Players seeing the flop would be interesting, but, if it was as dicked up as their players/waiting list stats, it would be useless.They claim they are updating at ten seconds, or something. I hope that helps...seldom have the lists been accurate, or even close in the past.I sure don't need all the scrolling bs...I'm sick enough of it in the chat window, "Last chance to enter some boolshit tourney"..."Tell a friend"...
  11. Tables look the same...lobby is dicked up...no more mining without being at the table...not sure yet if PokerAce still works at all with the tables being named dumbass names instead of numbers.
  12. This site is only half as user freindly as it could be...Discus, baby, Discus.
  13. It happens all the time...but, I never fret about having folded a hand early that I would not have raised with or don't want to call a raise.
  14. Buy in: at least 30x SB.Level of play: Half that of onlineTips: Watch the other guys
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