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  1. According to another site he is also "im sleeping" on ub. judging by the chat and the fact that he is on 4 50-100 tables I think this is correct....playing right now
  2. I don't know how much out of his bankroll he is playing. I have read somewhere that he was up over 200,000 in a short period of time....So i'm not sure where that leaves his bankroll at but I dont think it is severely underfunded. I think he will be able to stay at pretty high limits just by playing hu sngs...people wont even play him in the 1000s or 5000s on ub anymore. I think that does say something about how good he is.
  3. There is no question that DN is one of the best in the world overall, and I am sure his online game will improve over time. The only problem is that all of the top hu players are playing countless hours daily (I don't personally know how much ATW plays) where as DN generally is only playing once a week or so. I am sure he is gaining experience from this, but it seems like ATW is the only person giving DN action at the 500/1000 limit that he wants to play. Other than the whole dreamclown thing, I think it is going to be difficult for DN to get much of any action unless its from one of the to
  4. I know DN admitted ATW might have an edge on him and its starting to look like that is true. Think he will quit playing him soon?? I have not seen all the matches but he is down a significant amount to ATW right?
  5. It's been a while since i cashed from there but i believe it takes about 2 days to appear in your neteller...maybe only one.
  6. The traffic there is not as good as most would like--but the players are horrible. If I could only stay away from the sportsbook....Are you using neteller to cash out???
  7. I just read an article about this in a magazine (sorry can't remember which one it was). It talks about how 1/2 will often play a lot more difficult than 2/4 because 1/2 is more often played by someone moving up in limits after already beating the lower limits. People who just deposit a couple hundred and like to gamble will go to 2/4 because thats what they have played at the local casino and so on which will make it much looser. The author then says 3/6 plays more like 1/2 because you lose most of the recreational gamblers. He had poker tracker numbers for 5 different sites which showed
  8. I can't believe the floor said that. It is against the rules whether a player in the hand points it out or not. Dealers call it out all the time at the casinos I go to before players say anything.
  9. My advice is play fast with your big hands because they will get payed off but expect some bad beats in these types of games. SSHE also addresses these types of low limit games. Look for equity advantages...play suited connectors in position if it is going to be 4 or 5 handed as it typically is in these games. Since it is raised every hand your 3-betting standards have to be lower than normal--try to isolate the raiser. This style does seem to have bigger swings when you are running cold but is overall quite profitable. I think you can make a slight profit by playing really tight but its
  10. DN sitting w/ around 26k, supermario20 w/ around 68k and allthewomen has left...unsure about any possible reloads.
  11. haha...I guess at that point the guy hadn't been there real long and I thought at the time that his plays were more the result of my agressive play since it seemed to be bothering a lot of the players at the table--like calling down with bottom pair.
  12. I think you guys are right that i missed a value bet on the river...results-based thinking then I definitely did. He ended up having AA and I had to listen to how i caught my 2 outer on the river the rest of the night (dont ask me how he came up w/ 2 outs). He said it was obvious he had AA by 3-betting preflop...oh well. One last question--is anyone else raising pf with this hand?? Thanks for your advice everyone.
  13. This would be a difficult fold but I think it may be correct. It does seem like the button has 99...but are you really that sure utg has ak?? Its definitely not aa?? I think this is a tough fold as the pot is now getting pretty big. I probably call the 2 bets and hope utg checks to the button on the turn and we are able to call it down for 2 bets. If utg leads out and button raises I think it is now time to fold. The more I think about this....doesn't the call/reraise by the button really seem like a set??? I am pretty sure I wouldn't be able to lay it down but maybe it's the right m
  14. I was wondering how all of you would play this. I was at B&M tonight playing 4/8 and after a few hours we were down to 5 handed. Players are your typical 4/8 B&M players. Since it became shorthanded I had raised 3 of the last 5 hands winning all 3--2 without a showdown. I am CO.UTG folds, I raise w/ Kd 9s, button folds, small blind folds, BB 3-bets, I call(Since I have been raising so many hands, I think he can be on a pretty wide range of hands here)flopKc, 6h, 8hBB bets, I raise, BB calls(I figure that a raise is best here as continuation bets were made everytime there was a rais
  15. I dont know for sure but i believe that it is true. People were commenting on how he won the previous month when it was only down to 30 players left.
  16. I didn't see any of their play last night, but yesterday during the afternoon hellmuth did take about 50-60k off of eugeneel in O8 and stud8. It did seem like hellmuth was really catching cards though. Either way I doubt hellmuth does it.
  17. There is not much you can do in this situation. If you even double the blinds (which I dont think is a good move) you have aready committed over 1/3 of your stack so you have to push against a random hand in this situation. Keep making that move--you have to win the coin flip eventually.
  18. I have only played one $5 sng just to see what they are like. You start with more chips (1500) and the blinds seem to go up slower. While this does lead to more skill involved, the $5 tourney I played in took 1 hr 15 min. to complete. It is nice to have better structure, but I still think party's are better because they don't take as long and the bad players don't know how to adjust to the quickly escalating blinds. The players aren't anything too great on FT either, but not as bad as party. Like the poster above said, if you are good at cash games they are much more profitable.
  19. This is kind of a tough hand for you. Getting involved in pots with these kind of hands can often lead to trouble. I usually have a hard time not going broke in this situation. From my experience, on a suited flop people tend to play like the villain with a hand like JQ or possibly a set. I would bump it up to about 500 but probably fold to a reraise. The problem is that JQ or a set will often push and it makes it pretty tough to call. If he just calls, I push on the turn.
  20. I think flop play was fine, but I think you need to raise the turn. If you aren't confident you are ahead after hitting on the turn, then you probably should have folded the flop IMO. River play is fine
  21. I would fold on the flop in this situation. I see the UTG bet as most likely a jack or possibly a 9 trying to see where they are at. If I did play this to the river, I put in a raise because I don't see UTG betting out on the flop with anything that has made a higher straight. Just my opinion...although with how much I have been losing lately it could definitely be wrong.
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