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  1. Nope, registering and unregistering didn't work. Anyone want to get a mod involved as a 3rd party and trade for the TEC? 100 dollar buy in tournaments are a little out my element.
    You can email support and tell them that you would like your TEC turned into T$ and they will do it for you. The T$ work the same as on stars.*edit: if you dont want T$ either I would prob do a swap w/ you....we could find a 3rd party if needed
  2. No because I erased the software with my previous name on it and don't play with that screenname anymore. I am going to create a new name when I buy-in.
    I wouldn't recommend that....they tend to find out and close your account for having a previous s/n
  3. PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em, $1.00 BB (6 handed) Hand History Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.com (Format: FlopTurnRiver)saw flopUTG ($115.70)MP ($33.85)CO ($142.65)Button ($108.30)SB ($34.75)Hero ($103.20)Preflop: Hero is BB with 4diamond.gif, Qheart.gif. 1 fold, MP calls $1, CO calls $1, 2 folds, Hero checks.Flop: ($3.50) 7heart.gif, 4spade.gif, Qspade.gif(3 players)Hero checks, MP bets $3, CO calls $3, Hero raises to $10, MP folds, CO calls $7.Turn: ($26.50) 8diamond.gif(2 players)Hero bets $18, CO calls $18.River: ($62.50) Kclub.gif(2 players)Hero ?Villain was seeing lots of flops but wasn't getting involved in too many big pots. MP was a huge fish that bet at every flop, so I could see CO calling with just about anything. I figured he most likely has a straight or flush draw here or maybe an weak to decent queen. On the turn he should be raising if he hit the straight, so I think it is down to a flush draw or now leaning more towards a decent to strong queen. Is this a bet or check on the river? Comments on other streets appreciated as well

  4. Man why do they own me like this?You have been connected to Nicole C.Nicole C: Welcome to Live Chat Support, I am your Customer Service Representative, how may I assist you?James Lykins: I made the $100 no lose bet on the steelers game on monday and the bet is still under pending wagersNicole C: Your account will be adjusted later, sirJames Lykins: Is there a time frame that I could get?Nicole C: I will not be able to give a definite time, sirJames Lykins: It won't be longer then a week though, correct?Nicole C: It would not be, sirIt'll be months, I know it...
    I wouldn't be happy with that...just do the live support thing again and talk to someone else. If nothing else say you will contact sportsbookreview.com about it and i'm sure they will do it right away....unless its because of multiple bets from your computer or something that they want to investigate--then i understand it.
  5. There is a way to hedge using tradesports.com.If you bought 10 contracts it would be the equivelant of a $50 (or there abouts, it depends on what the bid and offer is) wager which would be a pretty close hedge.I haven't checked the line there yet, but the only risk might be the difference in the line. Someone said that bodog had it a -3 so tradesports.com might have the same line.
    How does tradesports work?? I usually use pinnacle and bodog and pinnacle has it at -2.5. I would prefer the spread to be >3 to do any sort of hedge here since I think it is only worth it if you have a decent chance at winning both bets.
  6. Whoa, I'm in this time. I missed the Mansion bet, because I wasn't paying attention and it was too late when I got around to it. Too tired now, will read up on this one later...Whos hedging?
    I would not hedge to lock up a profit on a bet for this amount...but I would watch to see if the line moves at all. Right now Jacksonville is +3 on bodog--if it moves another half point or more there is the opportunity to hedge and have a chance at winning both bets. I see this being a close game so if I can find jax at +4 i will probably make a smaller bet on them w/ the chance of winning both.
  7. If you guys sign up, refer me "wandigo0" :D
    read the 2+2 thread I linked--the refer a friend bonus is not valid on this offer (otherwise i would have probably tried :club: ). It will be valid if the person makes another $50 deposit or something like that at a later time.
    In the offer info it says to pick the Steelers at -1.5 but it's listed as a -2.5 line. Could throw a monkey wrench into this contraption.I'm still hanging back for now. If I go for it you're the man, cool guy.
    I just did this and got it at -1.5. You need to follow the banner on the page or look under NFL props not under the regular lines. I went for it since it is limited to 1000 people...figured i would risk 100 since ppl at 2+2 use it and said it was a decent site.
  8. Bonus? Info plz.
    20% if using neteller, 15% otherwise. You have to wager 5x your deposit+bonus so $600 wagered for a measly $20 bonus. I just declined it, but you probably have no restrictions on cashing out everything but the bonus even if you accept--but i figured i would decline to be safe.edit: although it seems none of you have used this book before, remember it is for new accounts only. Just follow the big banner on their homepage
  9. Terms and conditions * Offer only valid for the first 1000 new signups each week (week begins Tuesday morning at 10:00am EST and closes Monday evening at 7:00pm EST). Offer not valid for existing members. * Once 1000 new signup threshold is reached, offer will be pulled for that week. * Refund bets do not have any rollover requirements * Users are only eligible for one account on the BetCorp platform. Any user found to have more than 1 account is not eligible for this promo. * Management reserves the right to pull or alter this promo at any time at their discretion. * This promo betting and/or deposit requirements cannot be used in conjunction with any other promo.Legit?
    Just talked to live support and they said there are no cashout restrictions. The bonus that you get does have a large wagering requirement but you have the option to decline it if you wish
  10. I don't know if this was already posted but there is another free sports bet out there and its a little more affordable for the low stakes people around here. If you open a new account at betwwts.com and put $100 dollars on Pitt (-1.5) for the monday night game they will refund if you lose. Maybe not worth it for some of you, but I can actually afford this one unlike the mansion bet.edit: I read this first at 2+2 and it was said this is a reputable sports book

  11. Does anyone still use gametime+ for pokertracker or does everyone use pokerace hud?? Is there much of a difference? I was also wondering if there is something you can do to have the gametime+ stats lineup on the players when you open it instead of having to move every one of them?

  12. Um, you're right. CardPlayer messed up again. It's supposed to say $200-$400 with a $50 ante.Damn you CardPlayer! See:Sat Jul 08 19:15:00 PDT 2006Players On Dinner BreakPlayers are on their dinner break. They will return at roughly 8:30 to raised blinds, $200-$400 with a $50 ante for level 7.
    Thought that had to be a mistake but I checked pokerwire and it had the same thing
  13. I was able to sat. into the million this sunday....then realized i probably won't be able to play this sunday. As far as i know you can't unregister, but just wondering if it is possible. I don't think they have T$ but i would definitely play next weekend. When i go to the tourney lobby it gives me the option to unregister....is it possible?

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