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  1. I humbly submit gentlemen that the point of my piece is that it is not all about the money. There is a value to be placed on education that is not measured simply in dollars.(As an aside, it is going to be hard to effectively make the argument that school holds a person back from the "real money.")
  2. For those of you who missed it, here is where you can find my crucial advice for the young ones:http://www.cardplayer.com/poker-news/artic...-stay-in-schoolIf you are going to flame, please use proper spelling and correct grammar.-Viking145
  3. On topic:Yes Hevad can be really aggravating on TV, but I assure you he is a good guy. I would also rate his play as better than seen on TV. Yes he got his money in bad on a couple of big televised hands, but he is a very solid player with good results in big field events.
  4. TB - Keep in mind when playing in class that your prof may not be unaware and you might suffer the consequences...Phoenix - I was playing live this weekend and that last hand came on in the poker room and there were a hundred people calling for a 10 and it still did not come. Yes, I plan on a deep run in '08!
  5. I agree with the general tenor of the comments thus far. Put this in perspective, you have a limited amount of time in college (usually four years, but I suspect that will not be enough for Erik) and the rest of your life for work, poker, etc. Make the most of your college experience, both in and out of the classroom. You have opportunities that will not come again, to expose yourself to new ideas and people (keep it clean here), take advantage of those opportunities and you will be better off later. No matter how good your game, you will find yourself in a better position in life if you take
  6. Erik - The blog says you will be off to Vegas on your first break from college. Trust me, you can't afford the time away from the classroom.
  7. Gary-I have decided not to bid again on the auction, but I would like to honor your efforts with a separate gift to the Promise House. Can you send me a message with their address and the official name for the check?
  8. I think you are taking too hard a line here. It should certainly be acceptable, for example, for me to make the donation directly to the 501c and overnight you the receipt as proof of that. I understand your concerns, therefore, if you are not the middle man, those issues go away.I think I can be trusted to be good for the money, and if I blow it, you can always default to the next bidder.I think we all appreciate your efforts in coming up with this initiative, but it seems inherently fair that the tax benefits for the donation should go to the individual making the donation.
  9. One question: If I write a check (no online transfer as I am a WA state resident and that playing poker online thing is a no-no in these parts), will you process the donation in my name (hence I get the tax receipt)?If the answer is yes, I bid $1200.
  10. Don't do it JC. Just play goot and watch South Park on your iPod...
  11. I played with him on day 6 of the ME and here is my take:He is a nice guy (and very young) who was having the time of his life. I think it looks terrible on TV and it might have seemed inappropriate to some of his opponents, but I do not think he meant to needle or to aggravate anyone. When we got down to 10-handed he was as excited as anyone could be, and I think he may have trouble keeping his emotions in check, therefore, he exploded into his dances and chants, etc. It would not surprise me if this was some form of ADHD expressing itself.Short answer: decent guy, crazy antics, he does not i
  12. Shocking!I was doubly shocked because I recognize the caller as a guy I played with on day 3. He played very well on day 3 and finished in 412th place.
  13. Thanks Bob, I appreciate the support! Maybe next time, I will have to wear Pokerstars gear (At least, in 2006, that was only a $1500 event that I crashed out in. )
  14. The best answer I heard on what to do with the prize money came from Bob Slezak (15th place finisher). On Day 5, a reporter asked him what he would do with the 8 million if he won, and without missing a beat, he replied:"I would take it to the craps pit and turn it into some real money."
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