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  1. i'm off tuskawilla. just moved in this area of town in february. used to live off of 414 near the 434 intersection.
  2. btw, i sent an e-mail to some of my poker playing friends in the area to add their names to the petition. hopefully this thing will mushroom into a large list soon.
  3. winter springs. i hate that i finally get tivo and i can't get hsp and now the wpt because gsn isn't on brighthouse's schedule. i might just go to DirectTV because of it. only thing stopping me is the installation and other costs.
  4. As someone who has moved FROM Cali (L.A.) to Central Florida, I can honestly say that poker-wise, you've made a good choice, though I cannot speak from experience regarding the Lake Tahoe area. I'm sure, however, that the poker action over there will be much more pleasant than the scraps that are presented here in Florida. Having Commerce, the Bike, and other decent card casinos all within 30 minutes driving distance from one's home in L.A. can do that to one's perspective on card rooms here.... Good luck and enjoy!
  5. I'm sure this has happened to most everyone that has played online poker. Steal the chips if no mutual agreement has been made. I've had it both ways. By no means is it dishonorable if no agreement is made, imho.
  6. Thanks for the prompt and helpful reply, Bob. Keep up the good work!
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