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  1. Haven't posted here in a long time; but when I heard about and watched the video, I had do come by to say something.Daniel, I really think you ought to take a look at this: Should I Use Blackface on my Blog?
  2. FWIW, if you set the controls of the Wayback Machine to Abdul Jalib's Hold'em Preflop Strategy, you will find that Abdul recommends :In a tight game, limp-reraising half the time and raising and calling half the time with AKs AQs AK; and limp-reraising all the time with AA KK 99 88 AJs ATs. The reason to limp-reraise with the big pairs is that they are worth more than the blinds they so often take down. The reason to limp-reraise with other hands is to keep 'em guessing.In a loose-aggressive game, the limp-reraising standards change to:Limp-call 2 50%/ raise & reraise 50% 99 88Limp-rer
  3. And how do you feel about paying two bets on the turn with best hand with one opponent drawing at six cards to beat you instead of paying one bet on the turn -- or even giving a free card! -- with two opponents drawing at twelve cards to beat you?
  4. How do you feel about paying two BB on the turn with the best hand?
  5. What hands can beat you?Any nine, AA, 88, 44, or AT+. What hand among those is likely to be out there given the action? Pretty much only a nine with a weak kicker -- or a monster like A9 or 98.A lot of players will call with a pair of eights or worse. More than a few players will raise with other pairs.It looks to me like a clear case of bet/call, contingent on your read of the player. (Check into tight-*ss rocks.)
  6. Once, a few years back, I played at the Palms in a game of "9/11", which is high-low stud with a nine qualifier for low and aces or better qualifier for high. It's almost -- not quite -- as much of a low-hand *ss-kicking as high-low no-Q.The game had been billed to me as a great one for getting live ones, but the only players in it were sharks waiting for a live one to sit down. We took the antes from each other and told poker stories.
  7. Poker Tracker is the nuts! I love the auto-rate feature. I especially like the icon it gave me!
  8. Here in California, the cardrooms cannot expand to meet the expanding demand for poker. So there's only so much space available for the fishies.Online, there are tables and tables and tables and tables full of fishies, and more open up when more fishies login. There are (guess) 100x more tables available for me to "sit down" at online than there are within an hour's drive of where I live. Even the Commerce Casino in Souther California, the world's largest cardroom, is like a smallish online poker site in terms of the games it offers.My maxim for online poker: "If you look around the table
  9. Alternatively, it could be to keep the math easier for the people who have to count on their fingers. with two equal blinds of $10, opening for a pot-sized raise means betting $40 straight. (In some PL games the opener can bet 4x the big blind, even if the small blind is only half the size of the big blind.)
  10. Didn't Sklansky start out as an actuary?
  11. If I'm first into the pot, I need a really good reason to limp in rather than raise. I don't want to play a hand that can't face a raise after me, and if it's that good why not raise first and possibly take the blinds?Given the preflop action, I think a raise on the flop is mandatory. The Draws Must Pay. I don't like the turn laydown, but I don't like calling here either. You're drawing to six outs to fill up. If you had raised before the flop and retained the aggression on the flop, you wouldn't be in this mess; you could bet and call no more than one raise and get the right price to s
  12. AK usually would have fought back earlier. The river bet often signifies that an ace with a weak kicker has improved to two pair with a kicker on the board. That hand is going to call a raise.It may be close. Aggressive though I am, however, I think I just call here.
  13. I just ran PokerStove on the showdown, with the range of hands I put on my opponent:108 games 0.250 secs 432 games/secBoard: Ts 6h 2s Jd Td Dead: equity (%) win (%) tie (%) Hand 1: 12.5000 % 10.19% 02.31% { AdKd }Hand 2: 87.5000 % 85.19% 02.31% { 22+, AsKs, AsQs, AsJs, ATs, As9s, As8s, As7s, As6s, KsQs, KsJs, KTs, Ks9s, Ks8s, Ks7s, QsJs, QTs, JTs, Js9s, Ts9s, T8s, 9s8s, 9s7s, 8s7s, 7s6s, AcKs, AdKs, AhKs, AsKc, AsKd, AsKh, ATo, KTo, QTo, JTo } The pot is laying 7:1, and I'm exactly a 7:1 dog here! It's a marginal play either way.If one figures that t
  14. My online bankroll is a few dollars short of $2K, which, the last time I counted it out on my fingers, was more than 300 BB at $3-$6. And suppose I don't manage my online bankroll well and lose it all ... it is very small compared to both my brick-and-mortar bankroll and my annual brick-and-mortar win. (I routinely play in $15-$30 and $30-$60 games in my local cardroom, and occasionally play as high as $50-$100 in cash games at big tournaments like the WSOP.)
  15. Well, I'm beating the games I'm finding on Full Tilt to a bloody pulp, so it's not too bad. :wink:
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