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  1. Thanks for sharing the experience. Good luck with the WSOP this year.Question: Based on you super-satalitte experience, what would say is the best style of play to win? Would you see a lot of flops and hope to pick up a big hand?Would you say playing a high percentage pre-flop game superior?
  2. Good read Suited. Congrats on the win and good luck with the event. I've played railbird on a few occasions and seen you play, and in my humble opinion, I think you could do quite well in the big tourney. I look forward to hearing about your experience.
  3. My vote goes to Chans 1,1,2 finishes despite the smaller field sizes. However, Harrington's record of a 1st in '95 and back to back final tables in the largest tourneys ever assembled is absolutely amazing over a ten year period.
  4. Every situation is different and might call for a different proportionally-sized bet. I tend to like to bet as close to the pot size as possible, while still realistically expecting a call. Usually this is about 2/3 the pot. This bet can be be anything from a bluff to the nuts, so your opponent will likely call if holding a decent 2nd tier hand ex. a set vs. your flush.
  5. If your are playing a tight-aggressive strategy as you say, I'd stick to limit play and avoid the no limit and pot limit games, though these games can be very profitable, as far as the lower levels are concerned. I give this advice, because limit is geared toward tight-aggressive play. By playing proper hands correctly, you should produce a decent average/100 hands. With a $100-200 bankroll you can play 10c/20c limit to 25c/50c limit. When you get to $300, you can consider moving to 50c/$1, though I would suggest building it furter to $400 before making that move. As for your current way
  6. If I wanted to get anillated at a table, I'd play a mixed game rotation with:1) Johnny Chan2)Jennifer Harmen3)Daniel Negreanu4)Gus Hansen5)Phil Ivey6)Doyle Brunson7)Chip Reese8) John Juanda9) Chau CiangSo, pretty much the big game at Bellagio would be a fine way for me to drop a million, with the exception of Juanda, I just have to include him due to his tournament success and the well known fact that he used to crush the LA games, particularly 2-7 lowball.
  7. I can't think of many situations in which I would fold KK preflop. If the tightest player on the table came over the top all in with 3 raises in front of him...i could fold KK, then again maybe not.
  8. I was somehow fortunate to discover stocks and investing at a relatively young age when I was taken to a stock market seminar. Over three days, I sat there in complete awe, a 16 year old sitting among businessmen. I remember the charts and graphs, and sitting alone with my calculator figuring out my future fortune. This took place in the mid 90s, in midst of a huge bull market. Options and day trading were the way it was being done, and how I "learned" the stock market. I took what money I had saved and along with an older brother, and father, made my first stock purchase, a small midwe
  9. I'm sure it has been done, with some aggressive gambling anything is possible. However, the odds are slim, very slim. Bobby Baldwin had an incredibly lucky streak many years ago that took him from nearly nothing to a very large sum.Could you do it in another year? That is possible with 1)skill 2)time 3)proper bankroll management. It might be a stretch, but with the proper amount of time, it should be achievable. Let's say you reach $10,000. You will have invested a large amount of time, and effort to reach that point. I wouldn't recommend buying in to the main event at that point. You
  10. You sometimes need to calculate the odds on the river in order to justify a call. This hand would be an example:Heads up hand- we had been on the same table for some time and YYY had been playing fairly well. I had folded to him on a few occasions in smaller pots, despite believing I had the best hand, in order to give him the impression he could get me off of hands. After the table broke up a bit, we ended up heads up and had been playing for about 20 minutes when this hand came up. I saw AA and decided against YYY, the best way to play the hand would be straightforward, as he had alway
  11. Canada Kelly provides an excellent list and I like a few others here as well, Iveyfan30 definitely has some quality picks. For some added variety:Pinball Wizard - The WhoLucky- RadioheadGood Vibrations - Beach BoysToday - Smashing PumpkinsTom Sawyer - RushGet off of my Cloud - The Rolling Stones Under Pressure - David Bowie and QueenBe Here Now - OasisFast Car - Tracy ChapmanCasino Queen - WilcoIt's all been done - Barenaked LadiesMac the Knife - Bobby DarinDo you believe in Magic - the Lovin' Spoonful
  12. How about being involved in a pot and you get your last opponent to fold his hand.He says, "You have a big pocket, don't you?"You pause, and kind of get a perplexed look on your face. You reply, "You know, I'm not sure what I have, let's look." You then flip over your cards to reveal what you have to the table, and to see for the first time yourself what you were betting with. You see, you were doing a little excercise in reading your opponent, and actually never looked at your cards, though you might have appeared to have done so. As chance would have it, you have 7 2 , which has no rel
  13. 1 is real low, I actually get pretty mad when im averaging 2 as well... You can succesfully mantain a 2-3 bb/100 at anything under 3/6 depending on the site and at party.. it should be no problem.1 definitely refers to higher limits as more pros enter play. In the micro-limits, and typical online game, I agree that 2BB is very feasable playing tight-aggressive, especially on the right table. We measure success in cash game by BB/100. To the new player, I believe they should first learn what it takes to not be a losing player. They need to read SSHE, and a few others to learn some fundament
  14. I keep my stacks in groups of 20s, and can sometimes be overly preoccupied in keeping them orderly. This organized manner reflects my naturly conservative or tight nature.It should be noted that I may not be percieved as being a conservative player by many on my tables. I raise with a variety of hands, and am very aggresive preflop, seeing a lot of flops. However, once the flop comes down, I play a very conservative and tight-aggressive game. Thus, though I may appear maniacal by a new player, my style actually is reflected in neat and orderly stacks in front of me.Howard Lederer keeps his
  15. Depending on the limits played, you should look for 1- 3 BBs per 100 hands . If you're doing more than that over 10,000 hands, you're crushing the game.
  16. I find that when I go on a loosing streak, it is intiated by a run a poor cards. This in normal, and happens. Now, I usually manage tilt very well during ring games, and rarely do I allow a bad beat to negetively affect my play during the next few hands. What I can do though, is gradually go on tilt. I may not suspect it at first. I simply loosen up a bit, just a hair. Then I make a bad call. Next I overplay a flopped set. Now I call a gutshot heads up with one card to come. Opps, I just called another. Now we have a problem. Next thing I know I'm stringing together losses like I'm
  17. Name pros are continuing to win major tournaments with large fields and two-three find themselves on TV tables. I don't think the days of a name pro winning the big one are over. Granted, the odds are diminished when dealing with such enormous fields, but these guys are pros, and are learning to adapt. The more typical winner will be someone like Greg Raymer. A very solid cash game player with some tournament experience. I'd look at the mid-level LA or Bellagio games, 50-100 limits and up for your likely relative unknowns. Throw in the the many winning online players who successfully pla
  18. 2-7 Triple Draw is probably my favorite game. Sad part is it very difficult to find live play outside of casinos and UltimateBet is the only place online. You'll find the best NL limit tourney players often make the best lowball players...guys like Gus, Daniel, and Juanda.
  19. A sample of my current playlist: songs1) American Idiot - Green Day 2) Hummingbird - Wilco3) Little by little - Oasis4) Yellow Ledbetter - Pearl Jam5)Almost forgot myself - Doves6) Dolphins - Bright Eyes7) Bowl of Oranges - Bright Eyes8) Karma Police- Radiohead9) Sing - Travis10) Crown of Love - Funeral11) Disarm- Smashing Pumpkins12) Seven Nation Army - White Stripes13) Baba O'Reilly - The Who14) One - U215) What you deserve- The Exies16) Sultans of Swing - Dire Straights17) Kashmir - Led Zeppilen18) Tiny Dancer- Elton John19) In my Life- Dave Matthews cover of Beatles classic20) Hur
  20. Very funny read... I think I'll start laughing everytime I look at K3 again, just picturing the King Crab dance. This is really going to mess up my game.
  21. As in investment choices, one might want to analyze high risk vs. low risk as well. We have shorthanded games and full ring games. One might sit back and play exclusively at full ring games, and make their 2BB/100. Then again, they might add some shorthanded games where they might clear 4BB/100. Their bottom line might have a better overall return. A little diversification can be a good thing.
  22. 400 hands is a standard session for me. That is for internet play, 3 tabling for a couple hours. In live play, 6-8 hours is what I'm comfortable with, though I find I can stay focused much longer if the game is good.
  23. J2 = JLo I'm sure I'm not the only person to call this hand by this name, but I haven't heard it, so perhaps I am. Not terribly original. I thought of this one game while we were discussing a recent tourney win by Ben Affleck. I looked down and saw J2 and thought "JLo".J2 suited = JLo dressed upJ2 off-suit = JLo naked (sounds perverted doesn't it?)Anyway, that's my contribution.
  24. Based on tournament results over the past couple years, I'd have to say JC Tran would qualify as one who is relatively unknown and has shown great results. Daniel speaks highly of him as well. He'd likely be one of the favorites to win a big tournament when talking of those who "fly under the radar".
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