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  1. What kind of player is UTG +1? I'm really only folding this hand to a complete rock, with no bluff in them. I'm personally rather baffled as to what they could have, and not have raised the turn. KQ, and JT are really the only hands that improved here that a player might limp with from such a position. You're getting 7.5 to 1 on the call.
    sorry...didn't mean to double post.
  2. What kind of player is UTG +1? I'm really only folding this hand to a complete rock, with no bluff in them. I'm personally rather baffled as to what they could have, and not have raised the turn. KQ, and JT are really the only hands that improved here that a player might play from such a position. You're getting 7.5 to 1 on the call.

  3. does anyboyd on here like pokerchamps? My friend and i had a last longer bet on one of the freerolls and the software just looked crappy. Not nearly on the level of any of the other big sites
    I like the cleanness of the software. However, given that there are 50 people online at any given time, I choose not to play there.
    I quite like the software. No frills, but very efficient. I like the multi-table feature, though with 4, those tables can get pretty small. Like the poster above, I don't actively play there due to the lack of traffic.
  4. listening to Ryan Adams Heartbreakers right now...before that was The Who Ultimate Collection...before that was Jeff Buckley Grace...next, inspired by the previous posters I'll put in some Radiohead, but what should I choose, Kid A, OK Computer, or the Bends? I listened to their earliest stuff yesterday, so no need to listen to Pablo Honey quite yet, and I think I'll wait a couple days to give a listen to the newer stuff.

  5. Just curious, but was this game at the Aladdin since Baldwin was playing?As for my longest session.... I try to forget about it, all 30 hours of it. After that night, I decided to play hours and not results. When you're stuck, sometimes it is just better to let your arse hang out the wall and wait til the next day ( sorry, my niece is watching Winnie the Pooh..hence the visual.)

  6. yes, i believe it, but i don't want to know those people lol <sw> what did you think of the morrissey album?lol...I know too many of those peopleAs for the Morrissey album, You are the Quarry has been a regular listen for me since it came out and I think it is his best album in years. I haven't tired of listening to it after almost 8 months now (I think that is how long it's been out). Live at Earls Court is an amazing live album. After listening to it, I decided that his voice is getting even better with time. Good to hear some of the old Smiths songs too.

  7. i stopped reading after essay...sorry.
    That's alright ivey. If I recall correctly, you're a Smiths fan, and therefore, I forgive you.
    wow ty..usaully i get flamed for liking the smiths ...lol...
    I get flamed for simply typing...lolAs for the Smiths, my friends look at me in bewilderment whenever I mention their name. Can you believe there are people, and we're talking about those who listen regularly to music, that don't know who the Smiths are?
  8. team spirit? this really isnt a team competition. poker competency doesnt really matter IMO. why cant any member play or have an equal chance to play regardless of their skill or competency.This is would definitely be ideal to have it open regardless less of skill of competency. However, it seems that many want it limited, and I thought I'd make a suggestion, perhaps though, a suggestion I didn't exactly expect to be well recieved. I still like the idea though. But I'm rather long winded, and prone to write random essays when I entend to say a sentence. I was once told by a professor that good writing is about making a statement as tightly and concisely as possible. I think it was his way of telling me that I needed some help.

  9. I have no intention in playing, so you can consider me, if you choose, a nuetral or non-biased opinion. This entire discussion reminds me of Junior High and picking dodgeball teams in Phys. Ed. First picked are the obvious athletes. Next picked are the popular ones, regardless of any athletic talent. The class clown usually gets picked here, who in my school, was a dead ringer for Chris Farley (the guy could get some serious torque on that dodgeball though.) So you have two teams being assembled, with the jocks, populars, and a guy for each tean with the one liners. Next came the semi-populars, followed by the deceptively atheltic bunch, that little 5' 8" kid who wears glasses and has perfect grades, but can throw a fastball in the mid 80s and run a 40 in 4.7, and plus, he can light it up behind the arc. Left standing after this early lesson in demographics and social classes, were a bunch left wondering who would be picked last. At that point, you loose a few that automatically withdraw themselves claiming sickness or a twisted knee (any excuse is fine, and it really doesn't matter, because nobody heard it anyway). Damn I miss those days!As for this tournament vs. NWP, I think the competion is a great idea. I don't know how the hell Jason or anybody is supposed to assemble a team of 25 posters and not offend or leave some feeling excluded. I can understand those with thousands of posts feeling an obligatory nod, as they are obvious jocks of the bunch. Their point may have some validation. Suited_Up won his way into one of the most pretigious tournaments in poker, and it seems valid that he should be able to step across the line to the assembled team. Fact is, there are a great many who have a valid reason for being able to participate.Here's my suggestion, for what it is worth:Since this is a written forum about poker, have an essay contest of sorts. Nothing fancy. Those who want to participate can write a short essay. The topic could be "Why I should be choosen" or perhaps a strategy essay such as "Playing mid-pocket pairs in late position." Jason, or maybe an independent party could then pick 25 players based on the essays. If the essays were strategy related and contained solid advice, then they could be stickied and placed in strategy for future use and learning. I believe this would serve two purposes; 1) The essays would identify those who have a good team spirit and want to participate. They would also show a level of poker competency. 2) The essays would provide a benefit to the forum and those who might come here hoping to improve their game.

  10. 1. Utah Valley State College2. Sophmore3. Not anymore. Was part of Intramurals, with regular tournaments, and prizes awarded. The prizes weren't anything to get excited about (credit at campus book store, food court, hoodies, etc... though I nearly earned enough to buy a good IPOD this year from the tourneys). Due to outside pressure of donators, the program will no longer continue next year. Sad, we had about 120 regular tournament players, and many more casual players.4. Yes. I was fairly involved when the club existed.As for most of the college games, they are of the small variety ($5,$10, $$25 buy-in, always NL). Some are worth going to if they do a tournament structure and have a good turnout. The most profitable games are played at lunctime at a local business. A bunch of college dropouts make a bunch of money selling investments, which they freely gamble away every afternoon.

  11. agreed....It it the best form of Hold'em.PLHE is an art.no one ever plays it though for some reason.
    It is a great shame that they don't. All of the NL tables full, and the PL tables are on life support.
  12. For me at least, pot limit is my favorite form of hold' em. I like to see flops and pot limit allows me to see more flops than I would in NL, and limit (by an enormous margin). PL caters to those who do enjoy post flop play and building pots. PL is least enjoyed by those who feel they can't protect their big hands such as AA, KK, AK, etc. In many ways, this is why I love PL. In NL, a player with AA can go all-in, leaving me no opportunity to catch a flop with 89 or something. In limit, I'm not calling two bets cold with 89. But in PL, I can call the raise, if the implied odds justify it. I could ramble on for quite a while about PL, but those are just a few reasons I LOVE it!

  13. You just aggreed in another thread with the cash game statement which I was paraphrasing there. "Over the short period poker is 99 percent luck, over time it's 100 percent skill" or something like that. I was agreeing with the spirit instead of being a pedantic fuck.Try it some time...:club:
    I have to agree with Smash's arguement on everything, but am I the only person who had to look up "pedantic" in the dictionary? Pedantic I found out, thanks to dictionary.com, means "marked by a narrow focus on or display of learning especially its trivial aspects." One word closer to Smash's emense vocabulary.
  14. Online games grow on me everyday as the benefits become more and more evident. Going from online multi-tabling to live play seems like going from NASCAR to the slick track. However, there are many great aspects of being able to see your opponent on a live table.

  15. A no limit player can play tight or loose, and twenty shades in between, but that isn't what is important. Success has little correlation to whether a player is loose or tight, and much more to do with making correct decisions. The greatest players make the greatest decisions.
    I agree to the effect that it doesn’t matter if they are loose or tight, it does matter though if you are aggressive or tight. I believe the best NL HE tourney player are classified as aggressive players. True there are a hand full that have the "tight" image, but more of the consistent winning players are labeled as aggressive players and will call themselves aggressive. I agree with your last statement though, "The greatest players make the greatest decisions."
    I absolutely agree that aggression is common to top players. The great tight players, such as Dan Harrington, are certainly aggressive when they enter a hand.
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