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  1. I'd say hang in there. Based on the stats you've listed, I can assume you're playing at absolute, where I play frequently. We're likely playing against the same players, and let's be honest, it was myself who called with that JT. Sorry. Seriously though, as has been said, it is essential that a player learn to play amid bad players. They are the core of your profits. We often don't see the cards the poor player was calling us down with unless they draw out. Thus, we sometimes forget how many times we have them drawing very thin, and they are making loosing plays. i've actually lear
  2. Once again, I should have just left this question to Smash. He makes a good point about the rarity of the pot in this hand. I love it, call for sanity! Only Smash.
  3. 100 bb swings are very normal in limit poker. I recently have had a little swing myself due in large part to heads-up play. I think I'm legimately at fault for about 40 of my 70BB swing, but can atribute 30bb to the bad card and drawout factor. Like I said, I was playing heads up and ran into a awful run of cards like I've rarely seen... I lost 33 BB in less than 10 minutes to give you an idea. That hurts just to write. Then I went on tilt and dumped another 30 trying to make up. Not smart. A lucky player walked away with 60 BB in less than 30 min. Unbelievable. How is that possibl
  4. no offense to Vade, as I think their advise is solid, but I would call given the implied odds. You're a 22.5/1 underdog to hit a 5, which is about what the pot is offering. However, the implied odds are much greater, given a player does indeed have trips. Your 5 isn't likely to give them a full house. I would only call on the flop, however, and fold if you miss on the turn.
  5. I agree with the sentiments about Smasharoo. I've always gone to post something, but realized he had already said it and there was nothing more to say. He is direct, but that is why I feel he is neccessary to this forum. His advice is solid, and no nonsense. There is probably no other poster on here that the average player who wants to improve his game can learn from. His recent postings on his low-limit play were very insightful and great learning tool. Not to mention he has a sense of humor. I hope we haven't heard the last of Smasharoo.
  6. A sample of my online records looks like this:Jan 17, 2005AP (Absolute---online site) $396.61(balance in account)25c/50c limit (6) - $3.17 (listed in red pen for loss)(6 players on table)25c/50c limit (6) - $4.45 (in red again)25c/50c limit (6) +$15.97 (in black for gain)11:45pm - 1:45 Pm6hrs + $8.35 (this signifies that I spent 6 hrs of table time and made a profit of +$8.35 on the session. I get 6 hours by playing 3 tables simultaneously for a 2 hour session.)112hrs ( ytd table hrs total ) $404.96 (new bal
  7. I have no idea how many big bets an hour Daniel actually makes, but I do know that in games such as 4000-8000, the hourly rate drops significantly. Against the players they play against, just coming out ahead is considerable. A great player may make between 1/4 and a single BB/hr . He gave us a clue in his journal on December 23, 2004.Playing in a 4000-8000 game, he summarizes his results: I don't know what Daniel's idea of breaking even is, but for me, breaking even is making right about my BB/hr avg. So, in his case, that would equate to around a $5000 avg/hr.[/i]
  8. Meant to continue on last post, sorry. From Greensteins evaluation, it would appear that David Grey and Dan Harrington take the prize of being the tightest pro. Check under the loosest rating. I also thought Barry's comments about tight and abc style of play interesting under Grey's profile.
  9. It has been posted befored, but I'd Greensteins view would be worth considering.http://www.barrygreenstein.com/analysis.htm
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