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  1. I have subscriptions to streaming services totaling $40-45/mo. I still end up feeling like I can't find anything to watch, and crazily enough, I'm thinking about canceling Netflix.
  2. I don't think my company is going to be forcing anyone to come back in for liability reasons. I've been on some of the calls talking about the policy, and it all makes sense to me, as much as I'm sure it's murdering productivity to operate this way.
  3. I'm all about the flu shot. It's just a bet on which strain will be dominant in a given year, among the few they see circulating, is my understanding. I just am not in an at-risk demographic for covid-19, and the vaccines they're creating for it are breaking a ton of new ground. I think the risk/reward situation is very different for someone with a weakened/suppressed immune system. Obviously I have no idea what the long-term impact is from having covid-19, which is the other competing concern here. Like you said, it's not like my stance really matters. I'm not a healthcare worker,
  4. No chance I’m taking a vaccine before it has been tested thoroughly. Like millions of doses and a good cost/benefit understanding.
  5. He was a lively participant, your assessment is accurate
  6. I totally agree, he is spot on in his assessments
  7. I honestly forgot that we had a florida resident in the thread.
  8. I don't know if it still works this way, but a guy I know in Tampa told me, a week or two ago, that you are presumed positive if you visit a hospital in Florida. So unless you take the test and get a negative, which not everyone does, you're in the number just based on visiting the hospital. This would at least partly explain the lower mortality numbers, because the actual rate of positive results was like 9% at the time. Again, just a consultant that lives in Florida, I'm not sure I 100% believe him. This was the same guy with the story about "girl I've been hanging out with teste
  9. It is interesting, I didn’t realize that people here had said masks were not effective. I had heard that studies were done in Asia around the time of SARS to show that it is worth having even cloth masks. It’s crazy to me that we didn’t just learn from their experience.
  10. Both sides are doing it. Trump was not subtle about pointing out the rate of spreading in specifically the states with dem governors. Biden has repeatedly blasted Trump for handling it poorly. I personally believe that a lot of the criticism at the different levels is informed by info we didn’t have at the time the decisions were made. All BS designed to win votes. Trump is absolutely to blame for politicizing the masks, and I think he took an appropriate amount of damage in the polls for it. Zero justification for what he said and did for the longest time. That’s the one real world outco
  11. Covid is just one of those historical wildcard events that is probably going to equate to a Biden presidency. And it has nothing to do with job performance or anything like that.
  12. I'm sure month to month won't be terrible, and maybe there will be extra inventory with people potentially doing school remotely. Hard to say I guess. I was thinking about how impossible this election campaign is going to be for all the strategists. Nobody has a playbook for this.
  13. It seemed like pretty legitimate complaining. Moving is awful. Coordinating with a buyer is worse.
  14. I took today off from exercising. I felt some weirdness / swelling in my knee and realized it probably wasn't smart to be doing 60 minutes of rides per day. It was rainy here, hard to go walk, so I didn't do anything, and it feels terrible. Keep going naps.
  15. Yeah, I’ve had a few chairs over the years, and within two years, it’s always something like cracked or peeling leather, or the seat gets worn in to the point of being totally uncomfortable. My brother, who always talks about how dumb it is to go cheap, etc. thought I was insane for spending $700 on a chair. I’ve spent at least $500 on chairs in the six years I’ve lived here, and none of them were remotely as comfortable.
  16. I have the blue ones from them as well. Super nice. Super sold out from the looks of it. I got my Mirra 2 today. Easily the most comfortable office chair I've ever had. My career would be in a much better spot right now if they had fulfilled my order back in April. However, there is still time to recover.
  17. I have yet to try a mask that isn’t like that. They all make me very aware of my breath.
  18. It's complicated, a lot of different ways it could go. Basically she would be totally without local support for a year as it stands, because he's deploying. So the family is trying to figure out how to make that all easier, and the kid going with him is one option. There isn't any fighting that she's letting on. I am just taking it slow, we'll see how it goes. I still haven't met the kid.
  19. Walked 5 miles this morning, did a crazy 30 minute ride tonight. Taint is feeling a-ok. Had a few glasses of Pinot Noir but am still losing about 1200 calories today by my math. This seemed so hard before I boiled it down into this routine. I have been spending ungodly amounts of money these last few months. That is the one problem in my life right now. Everything else is good. Girlfriend is talking about having her kid live with his dad for a year, keeps having trouble with the school closing due to Covid. It will make my life more fun but it delays me figuring out if I want to date
  20. Should I watch that? I still don’t know if I’m buying into my company or what. I really wish I could just buy a house and be done with thinking about everything.
  21. I think prices cool off if interest rates go up. Not too many people buy with cash, so the monthly payment matters to most buyers. Only wrong move is to buy and stay for less than five years. Just my opinion.
  22. Six months? Ugh. I didn’t have as bad a time today as I thought I would. Really enjoying these hot Peloton instructors. The mirror set up behind them is delightful.
  23. Got the bike today. I can tell that it’s going to be good when I’m used to it, but my god the seat is murdering me. The class I did was really good though.
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