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  1. the right is in such a bad place right now--completely split, unable to find a candidate. the left doesn't need catchy soundbites, it just needs the economy to continue to improve at this clip without any setbacks up until election night.I can only sit back and smile at how it's playing out. seriously, fuck today's republicans. fuck the people who go to the booth thinking they have the right to dictate what enters into my body, be it drugs, or penis, or whatever. believing that the government should have an opinion either way is just an absurd idea to me.
  2. I definitely browse all day long as a teller. I stay the fuck away from FCP or reddit because I know everything is logged, but I was constantly checking blogs (krugman, cowen, soros, gross) and news sites (bloomberg, wsj, ft). I feel like if anyone ever tried to call me on that, I'd just tell them straight-up, you WISH all your employees were as problem-free AND motivated to learn more about finance and economics.as I said a while ago, one of the officers of my bank doesn't understand the impact inflation has on CD rates, actually believes high = good times!, low = bad times .
  3. mk_superphone is mkstrategy's_touch is strategy
  4. like, seriously, the other day, the bank president's computer basically stopped working because he installed some coupon software. it hijacked his hosts file to redirect every common URL to some shady IP address. basically, he has access to everything on the bank's networks, meaning some remote attacker could have stolen a ton of customer information. YOU MAKE LIKE $300K. WHY DO YOU NEED COUPONS?I have a lot of respect for my boss. I know I would be the most bitter, angry person ever in his spot.edit - yes I'm not out to keep this a secret, I could just see this screwing me over someday f
  5. yeah I decided it might be prudent to switch accounts for those types of postsI just fucking loved how the IT guy really twisted the knife. for most people, he can't even say, "hey, this is a security risk, you need to stop" because they have rank on him, so he gets his kicks in with everyone else.
  6. someone said below 50 sounded low for an adviser. for a guy that age who has been doing it as long as he has, it absolutely is. for a position that he claimed would take four years for me to get, I almost laughed in his face.we looked at his computer today. he was reporting some problems with a PDF. we were doing it remotely, so he could see what we were doing to his computer. my boss went into control panel to delete all the games he'd downloaded and "free hearts" (the card game) said "used: frequently." I almost lost it. after removing random app #20, the IT admin said to him, "looks l
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