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  1. My vote is so irrelevant in my state. Deep red. I really just don’t want to vote for either Trump or Biden.
  2. I am really surprised it’s this close. I was bought into the blue wave theory, and what really worried me was that we might not have gridlock for a while. Can’t believe how bad dems are at this game. When your opponent is dealt a pandemic, you’re supposed to win.
  3. I ended up voting libertarian for president and senate. Was thinking straight dem until I saw the polls for those races. Godspeed, libertarians.
  4. Going to have some awesome breakfast tomorrow morning, do a solid 45 minute spin class, and crush it at work. Tentatively going to have a call with a nice girl afterwards. Going to be a nice Sunday.
  5. Essay can you walk us through your decision to insidiously only source CNN to support your arguments?
  6. Potential new team member is for some reason dragging their feet. I can train someone else internally or hire externally but this would be the easiest on me. And it would put this person in a position not to be a secretary for the rest of their career. None of this “figure out what you want to do and explain that to your boss” behavior came naturally to me, so I’m cutting her a little slack here, but I’m also drowning in work.
  7. I’m just thankful we got a trial run for a pandemic without it actually being a truly awful mortality rate. We know how unprepared we are and what we need to do to fix it.
  8. If this happened in like 2017, it would have been more likely to be treated as a public health thing, rather than a contentious right vs. left thing. To have this in an election year was just brutal. Happy that it seems to have resulted in a moderate dem President as a solid rebuke to the antagonistic idiocy of the Trump administration. It could easily have been worse.
  9. Unfortunately I think lockdown fatigue is setting in. It’s a very tough sell for the 20-40 year old demographic. I really doubt it would be broadly observed if the politicians tried to force a step back in the direction of shutting down. People here wear masks. Lot of obstinate idiots here, it’s surprising.
  10. Markets are convulsing today with the new lockdowns in Europe. Domestically, I just hope we have the political will to leave things open, assuming projected hospital occupancy still looks good.
  11. Call went well. She’s really cute but very shy. We are meeting up for coffee next week. I am starting to get way more comfortable with this dating stuff.
  12. Doing a video chat with a super nerdy Korean girl on Match tonight. Never married, no kids, my age. She lives about 40 minutes away, which might not work, but we'll see. She reached out to me, which I think has to do with the dynamics of the area - much bigger dating pool here than there, and I'm guessing not a lot of guys are interested in the drive. I'm starting to think consumer behavior is going to be fundamentally different for at least a few years, in line with what some have been saying since month 2 or 3 of the pandemic. I saw the wisdom in using stimulus to keep things alive wh
  13. I fired up Match again a few days ago. I am coordinating with a friend’s wife who is a photographer—I’m going to pay her $100 to take a bunch of pictures of me next weekend or whenever. I think we all know that pictures are the bulk of an online dating profile and this is an admission on my part that I don’t do social stuff often enough to have recent, good photos in public / outdoors. I just need them not to look like a photographer took them. We will see, my current cover photo is one she took at their place, and frankly I got a huge uptick in interest with it, and it ain’t that great.
  14. I finally did my presentation to leadership yesterday. Roughly, “here’s what I’m working on, it’s too much for one guy, here’s what I need.” Someone on leadership was telling me that people did not understand my job, but were trying to make decisions about who calls the shots and what resources were needed. I wasn’t ignoring the person, just not being very direct about it up to this point. I spent about five hours on the presentation, and what was supposed to be 30 minutes sparked a 90 minute discussion, then another 90 minutes with the CEO 1:1. I kinda figure the amount of confusion and
  15. I’ve heard that was specifically suggested to her and she felt like she needed to stay on, that Hillary would win, or whatever. It’s just stupid that we are sitting here worrying about the judicial like this. Horrible hodgepodge system.
  16. The way to avoid this: RBG steps down in 2012, when she was already a sick elderly person, so Obama could appoint her replacement with a dem senate. It’s just a bad situation all around. I don’t think any of us really wants things to lean hard in one direction or the other. Just keep things relatively stable and I’m good.
  17. PR has previously voted down a referendum to become a state if memory serves.
  18. I was better this time. This one wasn’t gonna work out for other reasons, but it was a lot of fun. More than anything, I know my own worth at this point. What a difference it is to not have baggage or financial worries.
  19. I was constantly trying to get her to let me pay for everything. Different phases of life, I thought me being commitment-free and loose with money would be a good counter-balance for her, was totally understanding about the demands of school and being a single mother, but it didn't work. She just let her kid run her over, and once school became a bigger time commitment, it was over for us. She got into this routine where he was accustomed to falling asleep with her in her bed, and if she deviated, it meant 90 minutes spent fighting until he eventually passed out. She wanted to be his fr
  20. Is Vegas even open? I have funds at Southwest I need to use at some point...
  21. Glad to hear that re: covid free. I’m single again. The girl did terrible on an exam, and so she wants to bury herself in studies. I didn’t fight it. She was pretty careless with her money early on in the relationship, and she didn’t play hardball in the divorce, so she is pretty much broke and borrowing from her parents, less than half way through the semester. It’s a yikes. I left the door open for casual fun, and I’m suspecting she will take me up on that. Fun to hang out with, great body, I’m in. I do need to get back to work on the dating apps though.
  22. Going into the office to catch up on a bunch of emails and notes. Been behind on everything for what feels like months. My location is HQ, so pre-pandemic, meetings were always in person, and we obviously didn’t have requirements for sanitizing conference rooms. Now, it’s a huge pain to be a person who does 5+ meetings a day and to sit in a cube with the noise around me distracting everyone else in the virtual room. So I asked my old boss if I could have my old office, got the okay. I let HR know so nobody would be surprised come Monday morning (her team is also in the area). HR copies ou
  23. happiest person to ever relocate to kansas
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