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  1. Where is the RSS feed? Any idea when this is coming.
  2. People are easily offended. All you have to do to figure that out is fart in an elevator....I think you wife did a great job on the make up, because you looked Jamaican to me.
  3. No wonder BoDog is so soft....No canadians!I like poo-tang.........
  4. Do you know what will happen to my alias if I already have the same alias on the new network?wvapoker0?
  5. I was wondering when that was going to be pointed out. But as you know show a man a titty and we can't think straight. I couldn't think straight when I read your NWP post.
  6. if you detour through louisvile instead of cincy you can play at ceasars indiana for a few hours. Then you can play at any of the dog tracks ($2 max bet LHE) and MMTs in FL. and the Hardrock Seminole
  7. Looks like Lucas Oil Stadium for the Colts.It's not a laptop it's a craptop!
  8. Anybody listen to this yet?
  9. Check out DN's podcast interview on Ante Up!Does a nice hand of the week analysis.Yes, I did submit a question that I dead pan read....give me a break I didn't want to say um..um.http://blogs.tampabay.com/poker/
  10. So Jamie Gold talks a ton of crap, but my favorite line in the whole show was...."Brian Micon is a Spamer"I think its great that this internet degenerate did so well, but I get email from him at least once a week. I haven't request to get off his list as of yet. I'm waiting for the Micon system to sell for $19.99 and if you act now I'll send you a live donkey.
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