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  1. MGM and it is not even close best poker room out of all the ones you named 54 taboo and one of the top 3 pools in vegas get a cabana at the lazy river on a saturday afternoon The only problem is that it seems like we get so hammered at the cabana we always pass out and miss most of saturday night It might be a little more expensive than some of the other places but I have stayed almost everywhere and for a 21st b-day it would prob be the best place in vegas mandalay hardrock or the palms would be my next choices.
  2. You might want to go over to 2+2 and post it there if you look under internet gambling and find a thread called ftp questions a guy name ftpdoug takes request there and many of the sugestions from that thread have made it to the site he starts a new one about once a week
  3. THe final tables are set up to take no more than 6 hours that is one of the problems with wpt events they make the blind levels shorter and they double at the final table unlike the wsop which make the levels longer at the final. I have been to 2 tables. one time we were able to get lucky as we were walking by at the start and they came out and asked if anyone wanted in. they want all the seats full so if someone like fam or friends of the players are a no show they have to fill them. the second time we were watching the live feed in the sportsbook at the bellagio and as soon as someone gets
  4. E checks are the way to go and the method that should survive the regulations I have read many articles that have said that there is no way that banks can read every check transaction and decide if it is "gaming related" When you get to checks, and ACH (automated clearing house) transactions, those are something that the industry feels would be extremely difficult, if not impossible to monitor." Adds Fisher "In terms of checks, there are 40 million checks processed per year. Monitoring those transactions would be an impossible burden for the industry to bear."The rules and regulations given t
  5. gametime+ will not work for tournys not sure about pahud? but you might try it
  6. I consider the money I have online to be part of my bankroll. I just treat it like a seprate part. I set up a ms money file for my bankroll I have a bankroll checking acount that I have conected to netteller. on the ms money I have acounts for cash,bank,online and I also have acounts for alll my friends in the home game to track money I have loaned out. I also have one for owe for when I might have to borrow at the table works out great and I always know how much I have site reviews and poker info
  7. I think it is for cash games if you go to the 2+2 site I think they talk about it
  8. we set the games before hand and we play 12 hands at each game
  9. A little background live tourny 50 players I am at a pretty tight table we started with 2000 in chips I had stack of 3400 I had a tight image I had not seen a showdown all night the blinds are at 200-400. I am in the bb it is folded to th sb who had raised a couple of times in the same situation. he raises it to 800 I look down at j-5 the small blind had been pretty tight and I had seen him lay down to reraises before. I think he is on a steal so I think for a sec then move in. our stacks are close and if I raise here I am pot comitted or close to it! so I decide it is push or fold so I pu
  10. I think It was wed or thur on the circut mike said he has been playing smalller this week but is a 600k winner in the last week he said he has been working on his online game trying not to donk off all of his chips
  11. bigeasy

    vegas question

    ok I have been to a few places without tables
  12. bigeasy

    vegas question

    Hey I had a question about vegas nightclubs I go to vegas alot but never get away from the tables long enough to party well in feb we are going with a bunch of women and they want to hit some clubs. They expect me and my buddy to show them around since "we go to vegas all the time" the only problem is that unless it has a gamming table we havent been there. So my ??? is what are the best clubs to go to pure? ice? tao? studio 54? rain? any others I might be missing? I think there is a new one in the hardrock thanks for the help
  13. I love the show it is like you are hanging with the pros mike makes the show. Also the show is now on I tunes you can download it there and put it on your Ipod or mp3 player search in the podcast section for poker.
  14. I am in tomorrows fulltilt wsop freeroll but I have to work I hate for it to go to waste so I was looking for someone to play for me If you win I will have to play in the wsop since it is in my name but I will give 50% action if I cash you get 50% I have all my money out of the acount and have set a temp password email me at dan059@msn if interested
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