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  1. Alright so I have had this problem a few times lately. I've been playing .25/.5 NL on stars. And I find that when I have AQ in the blinds and someone comes in for a raise I've been smooth calling flop comes ragged player bets and I fold it. I feel this play is too weak. Any tips on this?
  2. I've been getting annoyed with my aces lately. I've been playing .25/1 NL 6 handed and it seems like every time I raise with my aces i'm getting no action. But that is better than limping with aces getting a few callers. Have a uncoordinated board come you bet out and get re-raised and have no idea where you are at. I like to save this play for tables where people are going nuts with the raises for the most part. But i have no problem flat calling a raise with them sometimes.
  3. I've been playing for about a year and a half now and the my longest stretch was about 2 months. I play 5/10 SH limit so the variance is very high.
  4. i out and ready to kill someone. raised from the SB with 67 got called with A2 flop is KT7 I check he checks turn comes 2 i go all in for about 3500 more he calls river 2. so mad right now such a terrible way to go.
  5. Thanks i already checked that i was looking for a little bit more specific info
  6. how good a player is SKOAL. I know he's a regualar but not sure how good he is. he is sitting on my left.
  7. Im pretty sure quiet lion is some rich guy that used to work for microsoft or possibly still does and now he plays a lot of poker. I could be completly wrong on this one but im pretty sure.
  8. Congrats on the positive run of variance at the roulette wheel. The casino will be happy to take your money on your next visit.
  9. Cool im ice cold haven't had a good cash in over a month now.
  10. Maybe you should play some heads up SnG's
  11. Good thoughts. I was thinking along the same lines. I had a terrilble feeling it was a big pair before the flop and even more so on the flop. But i couldn't make the lay down. It ended up being AA and i was very mad at myself afterwards.
  12. Pokerstars has once again proven they have the best Customer Service around. I have been in exams for the last month so i haven't got to play at all in april meaning i was gonna lose my gold star status in may without getting any benefit for it. So i emailed them and asked if they would move my gold star status to May and they did it without any hassle whatsoever.
  13. Ok i don't have the history for this one. Early on in a 18 person 20+2 sng. Blinds 10/20I pick up QQ in the BB. MP limps, SB raises to 40. I reraise to 160. MP Calls and SB raises to 300. I call MP folds. Flop comes 9 7 3 rainbow. SB bets out 400. Play?
  14. You know what you might be right but i really could care less. And I really don't see why you feel the need to point this out. Clearly you are basing this on some of my previous posts. This post i was just joking around.
  15. Yeah thats a good one. Thanks for the help i really believe these will be a big seller im gonna be rich.
  16. So after thousands of hands on pokerstars ive decided to go into business selling strategy cards of how hands should be played at the 5/10 SH limit tables.Here are a few facts that i've come up with so far feel free to critique.KK should be folded from any positionJJ should be played from every position K3 should be played from any positionany two cards that are sepearted by more than 3 and not suited should be played from any position till the river. Don't worry if the hand is looking bad. YOU WILL WIN ON THE RIVER.Your goal should always be to get your money in behind because you'll winThis
  17. Considering you cards are just show you the probable outcomes with certain hands, i think its an even worse product than I originally thought and will most likely lead beginners to not play hands in situations where they should be played. And on another note i don't really know how good you are at poker but it seems like you have very little knowledge of implied odds.
  18. It's about time! Just get rid of John Ferguson and will be all set.
  19. Personally I prefer the big fields. You don't win often but the big score is defineatly worth the risk. I might be biased because i've managed to get through a couple large fields for big scores.Oh and by the way my winrate in MTT's is the highest of anything i play.
  20. If this is true then there is something strange going on since the buy in is 25,000 + 500 mean they are already pulling in over 300k from the tournament fee. there shouldn't be any difference between 25,000x #of entrants and the sum of the payout structure.
  21. So let me get this stright you consider winning 10BB in 2.5 hours a rush?
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