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  1. cool.props to dn for playin the role of the informer (can somebody say "12 inches of snow?") and may the deck hit travis in the nuts.
  2. he said in the cardplayer interview that 1/2 of it went to pay off some markers.
  3. watching this, it's amazing the bullshit fanboys spout off. shit about phil's wife being not attractive and whatnot. people on the www are really f'ing retarded.
  4. would you like to share that kool aid?
  5. wow, it's one thing to bash his play, whatever. but to sound off after someone mentions he was a decent guy in person, you kids really love to hate. rather juvenile, ya think?
  6. for once, let this focus on what will surely be a great match between two of my favorite players and not an opportunity to bash on annie duke. They are all three professionals, none of them are going to risk their time in the limelight being devalued by bickering over 3 year old grudges. looking forward to see this.
  7. sounds pretty exciting. best of luck on whichever road you've chosen.
  8. this boards infatuation with annie duke, be it positive or negative, is mildly disturbing.
  9. thank you all knowing toogood.your a prophet among posters.through you, we will be lead to the truth and all that it has to offer.
  10. keep poker out of here. this is a solitare fan club.
  11. in the words of scotty, thats poker baby.there's another w.s.o.p. kicking off in about 11 months.
  12. awesome news dn. on your next meeting with mtv execs, pitch a format change to them. it sounds a little crazy, but ask them what they think about a music television channel that plays music videos.
  13. i say even if it was a raci st comment, and phil and he are friends and phil doesn't have a problem with it, why should we. and if phil does have a problem with it, then i'm sure they will get it figured out. i'm sure anybody thats close friends with a variety of people realize they got boys in their group who can dish noise like that around with no hurt feelings. i think i'm referred to more often as the racial slur for my spanish heritage by my good friends then my actual name. and, well, it's because we think it's f'ing funny.but, all my stupid long windedness aside, he probably didn't m
  14. because punching people in the face for wearing elmo costumes isn't ridiculous or stupid.
  15. that outburst wasn't really against corkins so much as against the way those 3 hands went. he took some nasty beats back to back to back. he lost his cool for a second. he sat down, shook hands with hoyt, they shared laughs and it was over. him tossing his chips on the table was a little out of line. but whatever. he's human.
  16. dork or not, he's right. she looks ace in that picture.
  17. if i was in his situation, i would have said i was going to stop too. makes the moment much more comfortable then telling you off. and at the end of the day, why should he be concerned if you found out?as far as the nickname goes, as much as that name means to some, to others it's just a name. so for those of us who choose not to take offense, it seems a non issue. live and let live i guess.
  18. it sucked. i was a little intoxicated and felt that somehow tying in a heads up match of barry against himself to decide who's face would end up on the cover, and then making that game solitare, since it's a card game you only need 1 person to play, there by making the only possible winner himself, would be funny.but instead, it sucked.carry on.
  19. it's simple publishing stuff. publisher says to barry, Barry should play anybody he chooses, heads up, games of his choosing, and whoever walks away with the most victories lands a cover shot. after pitching the idea, Greenstein goes into the tank for a while, pondering which opponent he deems worthy of his time. And then which game would facilitate said challenge.. The results of his personal debate become very apparent when he emerges to embark on a series of solitare matches. television rights and recreations which may include hole card cams of the soon to be famous duel between the b
  20. you seemed to care about the money the other day while playing .25/.50 limit on ultimate bet.you went on quite the tyrant on somebody who called your preflop raise with A-10. i believe "Tuna" was your word of choice.
  21. does he really carry his book around with him everywhere he goes?
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