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  1. wow... well said, it only took 1 play.
  2. Can any one direct me to a crdible site that offers rakeback at bigchip poker?Thanks.
  3. how does this affect a canadian that uses neteller to keep thier bank roll online and make deposits and withdrawls?
  4. Id move in w/ TT, AK, and Aq too. No wonder I lost $600 in my 1st month playing online poker.
  5. Great to see Chip Reese ripping it up in this event. It has always been said that he could be the best all around player... This will help confirm that.
  6. I agree, the Cards and Chips are more likely responsible for germs then a hands shake.
  7. That was a very solid episode... I would love to hear DN's thoughts on that QT hand.
  8. Can you get me rakeback with absolute even though Im an existing user?
  9. After your finished reading Bonus Whoring 101, check out Pokersourceonline.com, there is a link at the side of my blog. It will reward you with extra cash or gifts while your going to the various sites.
  10. Im looking for Rakeback with Absolute, but I have an existing account... is this doable?
  11. BNH77

    Dell Canada

    no luck on those 2, but thanks.
  12. BNH77

    Dell Canada

    Ill try them out...
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