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  1. one of the most overrated players in the game
  2. hard not to call with ace high, your joking right
  3. knowing the other players cards, no contest, any top pro would rather see all the oppenents cards then the boardyour counter arguement is horribleif we take your way with AA and we see the board is 2Q945 and your oppenent goes all in preflop, are you going to fold here when he goes allin, no ****ing wayif you can see your oppenents cards you would play the hand completly different, you wouldnt reraise and instead take a flop with your oppenent and when the q comes you release the handwhen you know what your oppenent has their is no reason to put a lot of money in before the flop, you can outp
  4. no that does not happen to the best of us, it happens to the retards. i have played drunk before and ive never played anything over 3/6 limit, you have to be out of your mind to blow threw 12k in a night
  5. i think the ones over $5k are worth it, my friend won $2k in a party $10k freeroll so it is possible to make some money at these things
  6. i second this, i play 5/10 and when i take shots i dont go to 30/60 or 50/100, thats just insane, you should only just 1 or 2 levels, not 5 levels
  7. i played in one, went for 6 hours and didnt make the money, fun
  8. i bet they get chicks too, not good looking chicks, but chicks none the lessthose bastards
  9. play alot of poker and dont play like a donkey, there is no huge secret
  10. there should be a minimum iq level to talk to a pro, it would actually be interesting if people asked good questions instead of how much money have you won or who is the best player or i heard this guy was broke is it true and a thousand other retarded questions
  11. 1. 5% chance at $300,000 is about as good as it gets with the qualifier at quad 8s beaten2. the guy was all in on the flop
  12. so close, so damn closeand i called the raise cuz he was a complete lag, 30/30/2Party Poker 3/6 Hold'em (10 handed) FTR converter on zerodivide.cxPreflop: Hero is MP3 with Q:club:, J:club:. 4 folds, BB calls.Flop: (10.33 SB) T:club:, 4:diamond:, K:club: (5 players)BB checks, MP2 bets, Hero calls, CO calls, Button calls, BB calls.Turn: (7.66 BB) 9:club: (5 players)BB bets, MP2 calls.River: (16.66 BB) Q:heart: (3 players)MP2 checks, Hero bets, MP2 calls.Final Pot: 18.66 BBResults in white below: BB has Ac 7d (high card, ace). MP2 has Kh Kd (three of a kind, kings). Hero has Qc Jc (straight
  13. What do you do that is so good ? My blog isn't for you. If you are offended by my blog or you don't like it, then obviously it wasn't written for you. You obviously don't understand anything.your blog cannot be real, you cant be that big of a retard in real life
  14. folding aces in a cash game is possibly the dumbest thing you could ever do, aces will win 30% of the time if everyone plays the hand, if you think folding aces is correct you are an idiot
  15. this girl is an idiot, no way you can even think about folding the river there getting 7 to 1
  16. pham just destroyed the guy again, wholy crap
  17. john pham is leading the player of the year race and its not the same person
  18. http://www.liveatthebike.com/webcast/index.php
  19. tim phan just floped a straight flush against another guy who also flopped a flush, ended up with a $20,000 pot
  20. anyone watching tonight, the game is 50-100 no limit, and the game definitaly is live, several $10,000+ pots in the last half hour
  21. http://www.cardplayer.com/poker_videos/start searching
  22. looks fine, the turn card is great and the river is not too bad, unless he has something like 77 or a very unlikely A6 he is probably just calling you with some crap like J9
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