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  1. Sorry, do I need to spell things out, you can't lose a bunch in just one hand. I love ******* responses.
  2. He kinda looks like a skinnier but more grizzled marlboro man to me.
  3. Seriously though, is DN playing, i don't think i saw him on the list.
  4. Cash games, especially stud high low and limit holdem are very lucrative. Plus you can't get all your chips in on one hand and lose your whole roll like in nl.
  5. Is Dn for sure playing the Omaha 8 event (sorry question mark button broken, lol)
  6. I don't think he is very underrated, more like one of the most feared tournament players in the world, but maybe thats just me.
  7. Sorry, something extremely important came up and i couldn't play, but I will tonight at 5:15 pm eastern if anyone is in. nothing huge, just 1/2
  8. Stud high/low rocks, I wish there was more (any) stud high low site traffic! I will be there tonight at 8, lets get some people and start a game anybody.
  9. So true, but even still if you were killing it that much, go up a level, 1/2 even. Playing .5/1 is asinine.
  10. The all time money list is going to be basically irrellevant. From now on if you finish in the top 10 at the WSOP ME you will make the top 25. The prize pool is huge and is only going to get bigger.
  11. I noticed you said you felt like a proud papa when Fidler got runner up at Tahoe. How long till' we get little golfomaniac DN's running around. In the words of George from Seindfeld, how long till' you find out if your "boys can swim".
  12. "I would gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today."~J. Wellington Wimpy
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