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  1. Hey all...I must be blessed...I have a terrific wife who could care less how much I play poker, whether it be online or live. Of course, she also knows I'm really good at $$ managment and won't do anything stupid. Plus I'm completely honest with her when it comes to wins and losses, and she doesn't handle the finances in our home so she really trusts me. Yes, it also helps that I'm up a decent amount, but still, I couldn't play if I didn't have that kind of support.Cheers
  2. Hey Smash...Thanks for the insight. Like I said, I'm not complaining about the calling stations because I want the loose-passive table every time. I'm just curious as to what levels one starts to see fewer of them.Don't know about the tattoo, though....:::grin:::
  3. Hello all...I'm in the middle of getting crushed tonight online by the calling stations...ugh...usually I beat them because I'm a fairly tight player by nature so I'm not complaining. I know it's part of the game. But I do have a question so here goes:For both LHE and OHL I usually play 1/2 or 2/4 -- and I know full well I can expect calling stations and to get sucked out by them sometimes. At what $$ levels do you who play there seem to find fewer calling stations and when does the bluff element actually start to become a strategy factor? I do know I need to improve some more to move up b
  4. From what I've seen...I'd say besides Harrington and Bigler I would also have to say Mike Sexton is a pretty tight player...Let me also add that I think Harrington made it as far as he did at the WSOP this year is because he didn't bluff as much as some other pros...with so many people calling more bets it made for unbluffable situations...
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