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  1. I don't think it premiers until March. Jan 25th is just a "special sneak peak". I'm looking forward to it, having been a fan of 24 and Heroes.
  2. I mean, they have to leave something open-ended if they're doing a movie, right?
  3. Saved this structure from a post Daniel made awhile ago on home games. Basically you just decrease level times if you need to speed things up:http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1112609/Home%20Gam...20Structure.doc
  4. I thought I already saw trailers for this a few weeks ago. Basically Jack goes rogue in Iraq.
  5. A few days of chillin, playin' XBOX. Sounds like a dream vacation to me, minus the deathly ill part. I didn't realize so many people were getting THAT sick--ICU?! That's crazy.If you're still giving them out:EmFactor866 (Bangor)
  6. Did Chris Rose just say the father has God on his side? Tough break, Daniel.
  7. Was this that dude's first time interviewing somebody? It's pretty unlistenable.
  8. I'm def a Brother Ali and Atmosphere fan. Here's a couple other "whiteboy" records I really like. Actually I didn't even know either one of these dudes were white until I got the albums in the mail.Little Vic - Each Dawn I DieBraille - The IV Edition
  9. Do you have a link on this? The only reason Season 5 aired in Sept was due to the writer's strike.
  10. Technically, she didn't get the silent clock. Instead you heard her breathing, ala David Palmer at the end of Season 2. It made it much more eerie than if that had done the normal clock ticks.
  11. Common Market (same producer as Blue Scholars); the Self-Titled album IMO is much better than Tobacco RoadLittle Vic - Each Dawn I DiePacewon & Mr. Green - The Only Color that Matters is GreenJ-Live - Then What Happened? or All Of the AboveAnimate Objects - Riding In Fast Cars With Yo Momma (similar to the Roots)East Coast Avengers - Prison Planet (more similar to Atmosphere)Blue Sky Black Death & Hell Razah - Razah's LadderY Society - Travel at Your Own PacePanacea - The Scenic Routeall good stuff mostly from the past year or so.. PM me for the links..
  12. If you use Bittorrent, you can download Movies and TV Shows from this website:http://www.ipodtvnova.com/tracker/They are all ready fully converted to IPod format, so all you have to do after downloading the video is load it into ITunes and it should sync to your IPod the next time you plug it in.
  13. They really have no choice. The RIAA is basically shutting down internet radio stations by charging ridiculous license fees that most simply cannot sustain. Pandora has been on the verge of collapse and have been fighting the RIAA for well over a year now...
  14. Have you ever tried using Pandora? It's one of the best places to find new music. I hardly ever listen to the radio either.
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