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  1. not a good quote, but i thought it was funny in context. ;)after I called a very weird overbet allin on a 333 flop with QQ in micro nlhe and won (opponent had AK):"nice catch"
  2. Maybe it was only a few higher value chips and not stacks of 1s (which seems unlikely in such a game and would still be weird though...)
  3. What kind of shitty casino is that? Why didn't the dealer remember that seat 3 was still occupied? The new guy should never have been allowed to sit down.And wow, that's ****ing bold by the seat 2 guy...
  4. Excellent idea, well done.Quit poker, tell your wife everything, get a job. (in that order)
  5. lame.at least make your aprils fool joke about something people give a shit about.
  6. This was a ****ing terrible april fool joke, cause things like that happen all the time.That's like CNN putting up a fake article about a guy getting shot at an armed robbery - HAHAHA...?
  7. I don't really want to talk about it, no offense. Anyway, I won't even be able to finish 100 sngs, but I'll send you your "price"-money. ;)Do you still have an account on Pokerstars or just FTP?
  8. I'm sorry, but I have to give up. Who should I send the money (preferably on Pokerstars)?
  9. I couldn't play much last week (only 25 played overall so far), and I'm not doing well at all...
  10. Agreed on the second part, but I'm sure he had gotten several warnings previously because of similar comments - Pokerstars doesn't just ban someone's chat right away because of something like that.
  11. I don't know who Michael Vick is and what he did (or supposedly did, whatever), but imo equating sexism and racism to mistreatment of animals is ridiculous. Organising dog-fights is descpicable and sick and wrong, but it's not even in the same universe of "wrongness" as keeping human slaves..."Speciesism" is a pretty absurd concept.
  12. I guess the main reason for the non-existence of that rule is, that it simply wouldn't be provable anyway. It's different if the IP adress of a player suddenly changes during a tourney...
  13. QFT.Villain has 88 for sure, why did you even raise the flop? If you can't lay down top full house when you are beat you'll never get Phil Hellmuth's respect.
  14. lol, right, sorry I was confused and that was a stupid comment... ;-)whatever, I also say it was Humberto.
  15. Hm, that's not at all the way anyone would have understood your account of what happened, but anyway. Please at least don't open 17 threads next time, that is very annoying.
  16. Hm, $1500 is a lot - you cashed for "only" about 6K, right? Do you know who the multi-accounter was? I think it must have been someone at the final table if you get such an amount back.
  17. So sick, lost my last 5 STTs - 4th x 3, 5th and 6th - I have to review my bubble game I guess, those donks are making calls that make me pull out my hair...stats so far (yeah I have to hurry up a bit):tourneys played: 11buyins paid: $115.5net profit: $1.5I'm was feeling good about my game, but that was a sickening run right now...ETA: updated, took 3rd in my last STT for now, which I really should have won... it is so ****ing frustrating to be at a table full of morons and getting kicked in the face all the time...
  18. "Downfall" ("Der Untergang"), german movie about Hitler's last days, I haven't seen it but it got very good reviews. (imdb link)
  19. Neverwin got banned? I missed that one - what happened?
  20. He, I'll never play on Tuesdays and Thursdays anymore. ;-)<3 sharkscope
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