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  1. 1.1 for me. May be light but I hold out hope I can make it to 45. Makers mark may have other ideas.
  2. UCF was my stomping ground when I first graduated college and worked at Siemens. Is the bar Louie in that strip mall across the street? So many bars have come and gone in the last 15 years there. They also built a shit ton of student housing so I think more kids are staying near campus.
  3. Ocho measures the thickness of his steaks like I measure my ****.
  4. Canadian... Glad that works again. I paid 400k (Canadian) for my latest place, and it's nothing special.
  5. I'm guessing this happens before... This...
  6. Just got the 6s. Not moving the needle...
  7. In what world does a promotion from a title with VP (assistant TO the VP?) only pay 80k?
  8. New houses have their own set of problems...
  9. frankie Rowland's and the pool place across the street are all I remember of Roanoke. Edit: I think I was close to shake one time for work at a bar as well, but he was busy... Maybe next time.
  10. There may be an easier formula, but if there are only 3 columns make 2 new columns and put the max of the 3 in one column and the median in the other. Then average those 2. Edit: damnit that is way easier
  11. I'm with ta Ronnie. At first glance I guessed Katie.
  12. What is the excuse for the other 30 days? I'm guessing 4-5 for heavy flow issues, but beyond that I can't fathom. It's way too early to be playing the "sex is currency" game. She should still want it at this point. Unless you tore her vagina...
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