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  1. there isnt enough information to answer this question.it all depends on the player. there are some people who are so tight they would never go all in for such a big bet with less than the expected AA. is he the sort of player who only shows a lot of agression when he has the nuts? if player A is loose and agressive its possible these two have been going at it all night and player B got frustrated and moved in with just an ace. or he refuses to be bullied by A and feels he has to make a stand. would this player re-raise with A7, A3, 33?? the poster said that B seemed semi solid but there are di
  2. hey guys i live in uk and have some problems depositing cash on full tiltbefore i used to use credit cards to make deposits but if i put more than say $200 then it gets declined and the credit card people call me because they think someone is using my card for internet fraud. i have to spend ages explaining that they dont have to cancel the card.also i played when i was 17 and used my dads card to put cash on but now im 18 and if i try to use my own card on the account i get the indians phoning my house from full tilt. im not racist but its real annoying when u get people calling you who cant
  3. i think you should check. there was no draw on the flop so k-j is either way in front or way behind. also i think its unlikely a good player like the grinder would call a bet on 3rd, 4th and 5th street with a hand worse than k-j. for that reason i dont think theres any point in betting.if i check he might bet a hand like a smaller pair than the king or ace high thinking its good. i would plan to call on the turn and check on the river. or if he checked on 4th street i would make a small bet on the river.
  4. its obviously not against the rules but its a pretty lame thing to doi mean were do u draw the line....pick up the chips look at your opponent as if asking if he is calling and hold them over the centre of the pot then take them back if he reaches for his own chips to call?at my local poker club it would be considered a pretty sleazy thing to do and the dealers at the table wouldnt want you to do this. the players also wouldnt be happy.
  5. I would still argue, like I said before. Why would somebody check twice and only call with a hand like 3 of a kind or two pairs. There are so many draws that can beat him and if not they are at least cards that will kill action. There are 16 cards that put a 1 card straight on board and an additional 7 cards that put a potential flush on board. Daniel is known as a player who gambles and plays a lot of hands so he rates to often have some sort of pair and / or a draw. Why would this player give a free card?He could have 10-J. But since we checked the flop, then only bet a small amount on the t
  6. I would 100% call. You sold the idea you didnt have much and it doesnt make sense to convince your opponent you are weak when you are strong then fold to a bet from him.On the turn, there are a lot of draws. If anyone had 2-pair or better it would be very unusual to check and call because any dimond, 5,6,10,J is an action killer.Its more likely he missed some sort of draw and decided to bluff on the river because you showed weakness.
  7. I played this hand in a $55 SNG didnt really know what to do. 7 people left I had 1500 and the blinds are 50-100.All folded to me and i made it 300 on the button with Ac Jh. The big blind had seemed pretty solid so far and called. Flop: Ad 3d 5d, check to me I bet 400, big blind moved me in for 800 more. Should I call?
  8. I remember DN writing about this hand before and know what the answer will be. I would not call. If I knew he would do this crazy move this once only, then I would 100% call. However if he's gonna lay 10,000 - 50 on my big blind then i'll fold and wait until he does it when I have a big pair and I have a bigger edge.Remember in super system one where chip reese commented that the correct mathematical play is not always the correct play. He gambled all his chips with aces against a crazy player with a flush draw in 7-stud and went broke unable to play anymore that night. He writes that the play
  9. maybe its just me i think it depends on the guy. some people are crazy and might have just like a bad queen.there arent any draws on the flop so if the guy is a solid player then to bet, get raised and then re-raise it you shoud be beat. even getting good pot odds your not really because you could be drawing dead and you wont get to showdown the hand for that price as he'll bet the rest on later streets for sure.
  10. but why? thats practically the same as the uncapped games in my opinion
  11. Guys its meant to be a different game with more action. If you want to play deep no limit then just go to a non cap game its that easy. why would they put a cap and then make it 50 or 100 big blinds thats hardly different from regular games.Its pretty fun. I played some small games earlier today and theres loads of action with everyone betting and raising and going all in like crazy.
  12. anyone else noticed they put $500/$1000 blinds capped omaha and holdem games. totally crazy
  13. Guys heres something i dont think anyones said yet. the vote is pretty close so based on pot odds it probably doesnt matter if you fold or call in the long runbut if you make a call like this then everybody will notice and you'll send a message that you will protect your raises and cant be moved off hands. call here and no one will try to bluff you anytime soon
  14. it would be a real wierd *** hand if one guy had a-a-t-j and another had a-a-k-q that just hardly ever happensi dont see why these guys need to have aces in their hand anyway remember they are real short stacked playing 100-200 with only 4000. even if they are rocks they could have any kind of big pair or a few high connecting cards. given the spot with chips already invested i would probably gamble and call the all ins.
  15. guys can someone say for sure if that is chip reese or not? how did it all start anyway?
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