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  1. I just viewed a rough cut of the entire Wolverine: Origins movie. I think it's suppose to come out in May.Daniel is in it, I think it's him. I didn't know this. He's playing poker with Gambit. The rough cut I saw only showed him twice.-S.
  2. Who has seen "There Will Be Blood"? I just saw it a couple of days ago and I liked it.I wrote my review on Yahoo movies: sa_rang_hye@yahoo.comSome other users said they didn't know what this movie was about.What did you think Of Daniel Day Lewis's character? Some of the other users thought he was basically a loser, I thought he was a winner, just a regular guy with some regular problems. Does it deserve all of the nominations it has received?I really do think DDL deserves to win his catagory.I want to know what everyone thinks.
  3. Yeah this video doesn't alarm me either. No politician is totally morally righteous and scandal free. As much as I have a platonic crush on Obama, I wouldn't be surprised if some attack video came out on him. This video seriously reminded me of like, those Swift Boat ads that came out during the 2004 election saying that Kerry was a war criminal. Those ads were completely unfounded and most people with half a brain knew that. This video isn't a documentary. True documentaries show both sides of a story . This was an attack video. Weather or not half of what Paul claims to have happen actually
  4. I'm really not sure why people dislike Hilary Clinton so much. I actually hear people say they "hate" her. Yes she voted for the war, and that was wrong, but do people really think that she's going to do worse than Bush Jr? I really think that Clinton will be honest with the American people, much more honest than Bush has been in the past eight years. Senator Clinton is the only candidate with any type of comprehensive health care plan. I don't know how many people are aware of this, but health care in this country is a serious problem. The republicans aren't really addressing this . Yes S
  5. I think people know Guilani for just one thing. 9/11. He's the mayor, not the president. Outside of that, no one really thinks of him. He's putting everything he has left into Florida. Which I think Is a big mistake. He's almost completely ignored New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada. It's too late. He's not going to win Florida. McCain or Romney will. After Florida, I'm sure Guiliani and Thompson will be dropping out of the race.
  6. When did Daniel get divorced? I did notice he wasn't wearing that wedding band anymore. Daniel is a great poker player...always.
  7. So the race is heating up. Weather your a Democrat, Republican or a Independent, who do you like?I suppose I will be voting for whoever win the Democratic nomination.I like Obama and Clinton but I still don't see much differences between them other than the fact that Clinton has more experience. As for Republicans, I think Ron Paul's stance on the war is spot on, but that's about it. I don't like most of the other stuff he is for, actually, he's not really "for" anything. Wonder who D.N. is leaning towards.
  8. Um, well, I didn't think it was funny at all either. Actually when I first saw the character, I was a little offended. (I'm African-American)I've never considered myself sensitive as far as race goes. It takes a lot to offend me, but I don't know about this "skit".Okay, I like Negreanu, he's my favorite poker player, and I get it that it was just a "Skit", a joke, and he didn't really mean anything serious by it...but in his blog he wrote about having a "Black" audience screen it before hand...why the hell did he do that? Why did he feel the need to have it screened? That says to me that he kn
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