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  1. Perhaps you should read his post again. Reading comprehension is actually quite important in life. Try again.
  2. If you are losing at a level, it's never a good idea to move up levels to get away from the donks. You'll just lose more money to donks with more money. If you are beating the "donks" at your current level than that is the time to move up and win more money from donks with more money.
  3. It is because Durrrr doesn't have any other cash on FTP.. so anytime he doubles up a table he leaves and rebuys for 100k on one or two other tables. The other guy won't keep playing if it gets down to 2 or 3 tables.
  4. That's not really that krazy if you are playing out of your bankroll even in a cash game...He already said he played a tourney and took third so don't think either option is a given here.
  5. After Rakeback gets deposited and after a withdrawal. You didn't read the fine print in the Terms of Service that clearly states that all players are subject to a doomswitch penalty greater than or equal to 75 % of all bonuses are withdrawal amounts. It also clearly states that this shall be called variance and not be discussed in public forums. First rule about doomswitch, don't talk about doomswitch. Hope this helps.
  6. Man do I feel stupid. I was ready to try holdem manager because I couldn't figure it out.
  7. I appreciate the responses. With my current financial situation, not playing is simply not an option. For the past 24 months I have been able to cash out an additional $500 to $750 bucks a month playing 50nl. I just am frustrated that everytime I play 100 NL, I am forced to move back down. I think I will try the suggestion of mixing in one table of 100 nl with three 50 nl tables. If that doesn't work, maybe I'm just not as smart as I'd like to think I am. Again, thanks for taking the time to respond.
  8. Background on myself, I have a real job that doesn't pay as well as it should. My real job only covers roughly 90 % of my total bills.. and that's with no play money. I've been playing semi serious for roughly 3 years and am able to withdraw enough (usually) so that I'm able to pay my bills and buy food for the fam. Anyway... on to my question.I play .25/.50 NL with great success... and many times I've moved up to 100 NL and have never had the same type of success. Some bad luck i'm sure, but it just seems like things never go right (usually a sign of being outplayed). There have been seve
  9. Sounds like you made a really horrible read. Maybe your instincts are off and she saved you a horrible loss at the tables... or perhaps you just needed this time to realize that if the girl is looking to change you, maybe you should change girls
  10. I've done this before. It is an awesome strategy until the cardinals lose by 18 on a last second int returned for a td and you see a week and a halfs worth of wagers go south. I still haven't recovered. Better luck to you though.
  11. Pokervt is awesome for tournaments and so so (lacking) on cash game vids. I'd say once Daniel starts posting his ten buck challenge it will start improving, but I'd wait a month or two if it's cash games you are interested in.
  12. I am no where close on posts... but I took 51st out of 10000 in the double deuce on sunday. I better start posting more. I'll start here. btw.. this was an obv brag post. Sorry.. sort of
  13. I don't know a lot of profitable players at any level who need a stake this low
  14. I've also been a bit disappointed with the lack of cash vids. Hopefully there will be more added in the near future. The weekly additions have not been as good as I had hoped/been lead to believe they would be.
  15. I tried to download it but got lost.... I guess I'll wait for the "for dummies" version to come out.
  16. pukes in corner...so much for taking a shot. 1405 of 5779. gl
  17. 3425 at break. Only big pots at this table have been splits. Is this how big tourneys usually work? I figured with half of america signed up it would be fast and furious out of the gate.
  18. How long will it take to get through 5000 people?
  19. Hopefully doc will have the flux capacitor working in time
  20. Hadn't heard that before, where did you get this breaking news??
  21. Online i picture some idiot high fiving his friends being a jackass. While live the other guy usually knows he got lucky and is sitting quiet. Don't know if it's the same for you or not, but it definately is easier when I can look the other person in the eye.
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