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  1. Please, don't blame the media. The fact is, its the Republicans who are pushing religion and family values, making it a major part of their image. Does the media force Bush to refer to his Christianity constantly or to push "faith based initiaitives"? There's a reason the far right Christians are referred to as their "base", and its not just the media who dose that. The fact is the Republican machine has been playing to the religious right wingers in this country for years.
  2. She should stay off internet forums if she's insecure. They tend to be pretty viscious.
  3. He is saying something. Its **** you. We are in control. We will decide what is best for you.
  4. Here comes big government, taking us by the hand and telling us what's good for us. Thank you big brother. Yes, gambling is wrong.But wait, I should make sure and buy my lottery tickets right now? Big jackpot you say???****ing hypocrytical bastards.And this is what happens when the so called conservatives are running things.
  5. Still not sure about Nebraska. The one time they played a quality oponant, it was ugly. Texas has a very nice road win against number 20 Okl. I think they beat Neb in a similar fashion.
  6. Go Longhorns!I've got Texas -6. Nebraska has struggled to beat suck teams like Kansas and Kansas State. Texas will cover fairly easily, unless they self destruct Florida style.I'll be making the heavy metal horns this weekend.
  7. DeanK

    Unbelievable Pics

    I think about 33.7 percent of rednecks look something like Todd Brunson, seems like.
  8. DeanK


    Tony's tolerable. Seems like people ***** whoever is announcing. People hated Madden and whatshisface.People hated Miller and Dierdord(with good reason in Miller's case). And so on.Generally I don't pay too much attention to them, unless they are really obnoxious.
  9. I mean it. I deserve it.I must be out of my mind taking a road team -12 in the NFL. Man I should have seen this coming. I managed to talk myself into thinking the Bears were different. They seamed to have a taste for the jugular that you rarely see in the NFL. When they have someone down they don't go into prevent mode. They pour it on. But its a classic letdown situation. 5 and 0 after a huge home win and already talking Super Bowl. Indy Tennessee last week should have been warning enough. Now there goes my parlee.
  10. DeanK

    Nfl Week 4

    I like the Bengals, the Rams, Chargers and Bears. I generally don't like to take road teams, but the Chargers are clearly better then the Ravens and should be able to cover a couple of points. Bengals are playing at home against a Pats team that is on the decline. Bengals have something to prove - this has blowout written all over it. Rams, playing at home against a really bad Det team, should be able to win by a TD easily. Seahawks are weak on the road, and the Bears playing well at home, and they have something to prove, like the Bengals.
  11. Harrington and Culpepper. What a pair of scrubs. Its looking more and more like Culpepper was just a product of being surrounded by huge talent. Miami has really screwed themselves at the QB position.
  12. DeanK


    They are calling it accidental. 35 pills at once? He must have some short term memory problems then. Sounds like the authorities are pretty much trying to stay out of it. Can't say I blame them. TO is headed for a bad end. I just hope self destructs completely sooner rather then later. I'm sick of hearing about him, especially now that he's on the Cowboys.
  13. No limit holdem, 25 dollar buy in. I got a 40 dollar bonus. After playing for a while I'd built it up to about 100 dollars and proceeded to lose all that in about an hour and a half playing six handed. It was like throwing a switch. I literally could not win, and every time I hit a good hand, like KK preflop, trip kings with a Q kicker, top two pair, I had someone pushing these big raises at me. And everytime I stood my ground I ran into a monster hand. It was like the opposite of Jamie Gold syndrome. If I'd had just top pair, I probably would have folded, but can you get away from hands like top two pair or trip kings when you are getting raised like that every time you're in a hand? I just couldn't do it. Ah well. Serves me right for playing at PP, even if it was only with free money(not play money, bonus money). I can't get ahead there without running into some maniac who ends up getting lucky, repeatedly. Not saying its rigged, but my frustration level is getting to the point where I feel like I'm on the edge of tilt as soon as I look at their crappy interface.
  14. I'd gotten a little bonus there and had managed to build up a nice little pile of chips then proceeded to lose it all in a matter of about 150 hands, over 3 buy ins.I was thinking i might have been playing too loosely but after recounting the hands where I lost I'm not sure. They were all on top pair top kicker, two pair, trips type hands. Not quite the nuts, but very nice hands. It was relentless though, every time I picked up a big hand like that, someone come at me firing big raises repeatedly.Typical hand would be me on the button with TJ suited (not a huge hand, but ont he button playing shorthanded with 5 or 6 people I think its pretty playable). I raise, one caller. Flop comes 7 T J no flush possibilities. I bet, get a reraise back in my face.Now at this point maybe I should have been thinking I was up against a straight, but I'd been getting raised like this on a lot of hands. At this point, I'm thinking they can't be hitting the flop huge so often. I call him down, naturally lose a big part of my stack. The other key hands were almost replays of this, with two pair another time, trips, a straight, top pair, top kicker (tilting at that point).I could definately use some advice here. Is this just a horrible run, bad luck and impossible to avoid? Or should I have been able to lay down those hands? I found it very hard to do, after getting raised like that so often, and laying down top pair a couple of times. I just couldn't avoid the mindset that I was getting bullied - they couldn't have hit a huge hand again. Even after I'd lost a couple of big blinds, it seemed that they had to be trying to bully me after seeing me lose some big hands like that.
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