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  1. i think because you say u play for recreational purposes you dont seem the need to go higher. And from what ur saying ur obviously doing something right if ur beating the cash games and regularly cashing in many tourneys. ( i personally love the $3 and $5 rebuys) i sometimes do this in heads up tourneys ill play 6 or $11 turbo head up and it seems im winning 75% od them but i never seem to go up to 20's-50's even if i have 1,000 in my account. although with the heads up along with the higher buy-in mtt's ur thinking of playing, the players will for the most part be playing better than before,
  2. hahah thats funny, iv had a couple of them to
  3. for the past couple months iv noticed if i play a lot in a day, ill have dreams about poker. now im sure this happens to most of you whether it be poker, another game or sport, sex, or anything else. But the thing aout the dreams about poker are a little different than the other dreams based on other subjects. i dont just have the dreams about being at the final table at the WSOP, but its im in a cash game i had the J of diamonds and the 4 of spades and the boards is...suits and everything is rememberred. I will think very critically about the hand and every time... every single time... i wake
  4. i liked the article a lot. although i didnt completely agree with everything along with some other people... i def see what ur saying and it makes sence to me. keep up the interesting posts
  5. same in cash? huh? do you play 5-10? are u trying to trick urself into not knowing how much ur actually putting into the pot. im sry i just dont understand
  6. yeah i reread it a couple times and what is he trying to do? lol
  7. hahaha yeah i have the same problem
  8. i cant say this enough!but anyways ur plan sounds good if u stay with it and ur a winning player
  9. i seem to always min raise. when i have a hand, when im bluffing anytime im raising im min raising. I tried one time to raise more than the min but the dealer told me i couldnt do it in the 3-6 game idk why?
  10. i didnt know stars had a 2-5 pot limit game? lol
  11. i have been to the taj many times and most of them on week nights but i havnt seen a 5-10 NL game there much at all. on the weekends im sure they have if enough ppl are there
  12. i agree with what a lot of ppl have said so far with tightening up and not feeling the need to play so many hands because the blinds are so low. like it was allready mentioned in those 1-2 games you really dont always need an image to gt paid off sometimes ppl just cant fold and it can work out even if your playing 2 hands per hour. But to be honest considering you said you had only really played NL maybe 4 times before this session and before that u played 3-6 limit, i dont think you played very bad. the fact that you rememer the many details in a lot of hands says something to me and your on
  13. ive played bunch of tourneys at turning stone in the past. they used to have a limit holdem tourney i think on tuesday but they got rid of it and they are all NL now. the 50+15 is ok, it got better i believe for the 65 u start with 3500 in chips with blinds stating at 25-50 increasing every 20 mins. if u throw another 5 bucks in for the dealers u get another 500 chips so i def recomend it. it al depends on the day of the week cause one time i believe it was the wednesday( iknow it was 50+15 just not the day) there were 132 ppl enterred and i managed to finish 2nd for $1300 or so, i think it w
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