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  1. You're probably better off waiting for a 4-bet situation on the Russian with a lesser hand when he 3 bets anyone else at the table. Even if the tight guy folds, you can assume his 3b range is significantly tighter in this specific hand since the kid presumably had a few people left to act behind him as well. You obviously have the opener to worry about and from both of their perspectives you are laying them a decent price and giving them the chance to knock out the best player at the table.
  2. GG DUDE 6th place for $49,284!!! Awesome score Sick last hand, but nothing you can do about that!Had a decent one myself today...PokerStars Tournament #336010447, No Limit Hold'emBuy-In: $100.00/$9.00 USD2184 playersTotal Prize Pool: $218400.00 USDTournament started 2010/10/24 10:00:00 PT [2010/10/24 13:00:00 ET]Dear jjgoldy5,You finished the tournament in 3rd place. A USD 18,496.86 award has been credited to your Real Money account.You earned 809.74 tournament leader points in this tournament. For information about our tournament leader board
  3. Actually, take me off the alternate list. As much as I want to play because this is an amazing format for a satellite, I'm getting married, taking 1.5 honeymoons, and moving to L.A. (from Ohio) all during June.... don't think I can squeeze in 3 days to final table an event!Good luck all playing.
  4. Put me on the alternate list as well please!Thanks!
  5. Eastgate was originally scheduled to be on the show but he either "forgot" or snubbed them.FWIW, this is a really great podcast that usually comes out on Tuesdays. They get some really successful players and some really interesting people on there to interview. It's actually a really nice mix of poker strategy (and they get into real concepts) and fun stories.
  6. Pretty good podcast that you can get through iTunes or straight off of the 2+2 website...DN talks about small ball and the BCPC win.http://pokercast.twoplustwo.com/
  7. This is a running good/running really bad when it matters post:Within a two week span (approx) I final tabled the 3r on Stars (3500+ runners each time) 3 times.9th (AA < QQ aipf)9th (AQ < AK... biggest idiot at the table gets AK obv)9th (JJ < AA in blind battle)
  8. Shove pre and be happy to pick up the 20k pot imo. My reasoning is that you don't want to play a bloated pot OOP with AQo against the chipleader who can pressure you as one of the other top stacks.If you don't shove, I like your raise, and I'd lead at the pot for 25-30k + call a push.
  9. On your betting strategy, I like the idea of making bigger c-bets than some on the flop. If you actually have a hand, the size of the pot grows exponentially based on how many chips get in on the flop. You also may take down a couple pots with these stronger looking bets. As for the turn, if I have a very strong hand I'll look at how big of a bet I need to make in order for a reasonably sized river bet to get all of the chips in the middle.Somewhat related to your question, I have noticed that for the most part, the turn is where the most information can be determined from a hand. If someone i
  10. The effective stacks here are perfect for this situation, and a weak looking raise from the CO is ASKING to be shoved on. You want to get your chips in here, and standard opening is the best way to do that. You are going to get lots of smaller pairs and Ax type hands to shove on you, whereas if you open shove, you are going to fold out a vast majority of those type of hands.I understand your meta game strategy thoughts, but after you have shoved a couple more times (and not shown) everyone will realize that you have a much wider range. In essence, you are losing SO much value by open shoving t
  11. Played against him a few times on Stars... I'd put him up there with Quasi Fiction and DNA2RNA (who are actually brothers) with players who are sick grinders and play very solid poker 100% of the time, letting other people's mistakes contribute to their win rate, rather than doing anything overly spectacular.
  12. I read through the past few hands in the hand history on Stars as well.Play tight, get a read on the table dynamics and adjust accordingly. You mention that sometimes the stack-blind ratio doesn't always make that possible. Of course that's true, so play as you normally would under those circumstances absent any reads on the table. If I make any adjustment, it is that I don't like playing post flop (especially out of position) with zero information, so I tend to end hands faster with slightly more shoves than normal (as opposed to standard opening raises).
  13. Maybe I'm way off base here, but do you guys always bet the flop, check the turn, and only call on the river when you flop a relatively safe top 2? I think you miss a ton of value by not betting the turn.After the flop we can put the villain on a few hands... some type of flush draw, a connected hand that caught a piece (45, 56, 78, 79, 89), or a weaker Ace-x type hand. I wouldn't worry about a set here.When the 8 hits on the turn, I would never ever slow down here, as that card only helped 45 (sure that's what he ended up having, but that's irrelevant). You're still going to get value from a
  14. I still can't understand why people call all-ins with QJo or limp/call shoves with 22...
  15. I would either raise enough preflop that you're committing to shoving on the flop, or keep the pot smaller so you don't kill yourself by getting check/raised when you miss. I don't like the PF raise size as its right in the middle, and makes the pot difficult to play post flop imo.This is one of those spots when I don't mind putting in a really big raise preflop just to get him to toss it. As you're on the bubble, let someone else get coolered while you pick up some blinds like this without confrontation.
  16. There's no "right answer" but a decision that is RIGHT more often than the other... agree?
  17. You do have to be careful when thinking like this... as a good player that "factors in the value of their time" and starts to play differently than they normally do, may no longer be considered a "good" or, in other words, profitable player
  18. I saw this hand and I thought it was a snap call. Was surprised so many advocated a fold.You have to put things in context.The guy just limp/called roughly 1/6th of his stack preflop after another caller... so we can figure that he's either A. an idiot (most likely) or B. a decent player playing bad because he's short stacked early.Either way, it makes no difference, this guy is playing bad and we can figure that out just based on his one action shown in this hand.I would push his range much closer to a some sort of connector like 7 8 or 7 9 rather than a king based on the donk-shove. I think
  19. Flop texture.I'd c-bet heads up, but I don't like a c-bet 4-way... you can catch a ton of cards on the turn that help you, and in position, you can get paid. Whereas, if you get check raised you have to dump the hand.Get it in on the turn!
  20. Don't play crappy pairs and you won't run into as many set over set as the other guy.
  21. I play it the same... I just dont think an ace leads into a short stack pre-flop raiser here almost ever.
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