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  1. Oh shit, just remembered. My buddies wife works for Cambridge in the licensing and permit department and was telling me about this crazy bar owner who is harassing their office because they wouldn't let her distill in her bar or something (because its illegal, not because they don't like her). Any chance you know what I'm talking about Thera?

    No idea. Cambridge Brewing, or just the town of Cambridge? There's so many breweries now. Boston is pretty tight (corrupt) with it's various licenses. It's a huge pain in the ass to do pretty much everything.

  2. I enjoy watching the live WSOP stuff. Richard Seymour was traaaaaaaaash though. He took about a full minute to flip his cards/discard in a hand he lost, and no one said anything, because he's twice the size of everyone, but no one knew what to do, because he held onto his cards, grunting and groaning, and it wasn't even a bad beat. He stunk.

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  3. Got tickets for How Did This Get Made at the end of July. It probably won't live up to a live taping of how to advance in corporate America, but it should be fun.


    Game 7 on Wednesday for us beleaguered Boston sports fans. Things are tough.

  4. That's all like season 5 shit. And since the main problems of S7/ S8 are the creators, and since Milch is such a ****ing degenerate lunatic, I don't think you should separate his ending. Since Thrones had 50 more shows, the majority of which were, at a minimum, good.

  5. She's part of the queen's council. Her being there isn't that bad. Her role isn't sex slave; it's as an advisor.


    Ben Lindbergh on the Ringer wrote what sums up the biggest issues as a whole for me. Essentially, it's just that Benioff and Weiss wanted this over as soon as possible. HBO, fans, and critics were happy to let them go on for as long as needed. The showrunners only wanted to do 13 episodes to cover what's probably two books worth of materials. Meanwhile, Storm of Swords alone took 20 episodes. Rushing everything is causing most of the problems.

  6. congrats, and jesus christ good luck. The prospect of a third is too much for me. My 2.5 year old is a terror. Should we happen into another boy, I don't think my wife will survive. But she really does want that girl. Not my kind of gambling.

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