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  1. What happened to cause the subtle forcing out? I enjoy being horrified at bad roommate situations.


    Turning 36, my metabolism seems to have finally slowed down. The high calorie beers and bourbons appear to be, after fifteen years of maleficent consumption, making their mark on the ole waistline. In a definitely unrelated subplot, I'm in the midst of mild-to-moderate back pain. Pretty excited for this new stage of life where I just feel really old every day.

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  2. If you just use them when the pain is at it's worst, you'll be alright. Just avoid taking them on scheduled basis. Add some bourbon for a lil extra kick, make sure your liver is doing it's job. Toss on The Spy, it's pretty good.

  3. Good luck Essay.


    BigD explained my opinions pretty well. Humanity just barely surviving as "natural" disasters destroy the world seems like a pretty low bar to say "Gore was wrong!" As Stratty says,it can't be just be this country. The majority of the world watching a fifth of the Amazon burn felt pretty dire.


    Probably at least tangentially related: They're moving the capital of Indonesia, because parts of Jakarta are sinking 10 inches a year!

  4. You should introduce your personality to your next date as hepatobilliary.


    Venturing into my first legal weed store in about an hour. Location is about a half mile from where I'm having dinner, so I guess I gotta. Let's get a vape pen!

  5. it was the likely end, i just didn't see it coming after we parted ways with a hug. i thought i did pretty good, but i obviously don't know what the fvck i'm talking about.


    You don't know her mindset coming in. She stuck around and talked for two hours. There's shittier outcomes. The insta-rejection post-date also says something about her, but I have no idea what.

  6. That sucks, but also, **** her? You had fun. And you don't have to wait on any bullshit. And let's remember: you suck too. Take a good night, and go get more of them. Don't spend so much time on gallstones next time.

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